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Your quest has failed. Try again?

Day 01 of my quest for boredom failed spectacularly. I had every intention of unplugging for an hour after I finished my blog post yesterday, but life had other plans in the form of family. And then it was dinner time. And then it got too late to unplug because I had to check my World of Warcraft auctions and feed my Hay Day animals. You understand.

Today, though. Today we’re unplugging.

Worked on Love in the Light a bit earlier. I’m still trying to figure out what this book wants to be because I honestly have no idea. It’s a kind of murky blob with words attached to it at the moment.

I mean, should you know what you’re writing before you start writing? I think I’d rather be surprised. It could be the sequel to TBSOL or it could be something else entirely. A coffee machine manual. A very bad cookbook. A very long, detailed guide on how to not take care of succulents.

The possibilities are endless.

Okay, now that I’ve written nothing of value here, I’m going to go unplug for an hour and let the creativity flow. Will report back once I’ve cracked all the secrets of the universe.