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Welcome to august–notebooks, challenges, & being more social

Well, it’s August 1st – happy birthday if it’s your birthday! Today, I’m retiring another notebook, which is both sad and exciting. Mostly exciting, though, as it means I get to crack open a brand new notebook and start fresh. Yippee!

But first, we must say adios to my very first logbook. The project had its ups and downs, but as far as diaries go, it was relatively successful. I abandoned it for a year (2012), but came back to it a few months ago and managed – more or less – to keep daily track of my adventures.

Goodbye Logbook 2011/2013


Hello Logbook Aug 2013-


Lessons Learned

I originally questioned the usefulness of keeping daily logs of my days since most of what I do is on the computer and not all that exciting. I’ve found, though, that whenever I can’t remember when I did something or when something happened, I refer back to the logbook and usually find what I’m looking for. It’s perfect for capturing all the seemingly pointless, mundane details of a day that would otherwise be forgotten. Sometimes it’s those little things you find yourself wishing to remember most.

30 Day Drawing Challenge

"30 Day Drawing Challenge"

I’d missed doing this! A question I get asked a lot is whether I’m an artist or a painter or something of the sort (because of Kris and also Valerie), and the answer is noooo. I just really enjoy drawing random things for no reason whatsoever. That sounded sarcastic. I didn’t mean it to sound sarcastic. I really do enjoy drawing random things for no reason whatsoever. So here we are! A brand new 30 day drawing challenge. Let’s get started!

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Day 1: Draw someone or something experiencing flight

I have drawn you a flying goat…


My favorite part of doing these 30 day challenges is that it gives me a reason to come here and post something. I have a tendency to go into hibernation mode and then nobody hears from me for months and I get a lot of “are you alive?” messages. So then I try to become more active via facebook, tumblr, and all the rest. But then the cycle repeats, as it always does.

Your daily reminder

Have you watched Orange is the New Black yet?