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Weekend Ramblings

K is currently making a blanquette which is a dish I’d never heard of until she made it for me the first time I visited France. I would explain it but I have no idea what’s in it (veal? mushrooms? rice?) It’s delicious and smells super good and I can’t wait to eat it because I’m hungry. Alas, it’s really hard to eat the air (not impossible, mind you, but difficult), which means I have to be patient until it’s done cooking.

Speaking of cooking, television makes me sad. K gets impatient with me because I get very (very extremely) invested in television shows and characters and then I mope and sigh and she asks, “What’s wrong??” and I’m sure she’s thinking that I’m unhappy with her and probably leaving her for some blonde I met on the Internet, and so when I say something like, “I’m very stressed out about 90210,” I’m sure she’s relieved for at least 2 or 3 seconds before she remembers that means she has to keep dealing with my special brand of crazy. So she sighs at me. But then she remembers that she loves me (though she doesn’t quite know why yet) and says something supportive like, “It’s just a television show. The characters aren’t real.” And that’s all very true but it still doesn’t change the fact that I care a lot and that fake people mean a lot to me.

Also, I’m deeply upset that the [spoiler] on FlashFoward is [spoiler]. And that she went and [spoiler] with [spoiler]. If you watch FlashForward then I’m sure you understand me perfectly. Particularly if you read minds and/or are fluent in Ingrish.

I’m currently reading the When Women Were Warriors trilogy by Catherine M. Wilson and I’m really enjoying it so I think you will, too. The first book is currently available for free at her site.

I am just going to keep jumping from subject to subject because there’s no real point to this entry.

Yesterday, my WoW guild cleared Naxx. This is exciting because we don’t normally raid together (and some of us don’t raid at all) and still we kicked butt.

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K just asked, “Ready to eat?” which is my cue to stop rambling.