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Unicorn Meat and Four Other Reasons Today Is a Good Day

Let’s get the crappy stuff out of the way: So I didn’t make it on the road trip after all because I got sick. My friends theorize it might be a zombie plague. So if zombies start popping up all over France/Western Europe, I do apologize. Lo siento. Totally my fault. I probably shouldn’t have bitten that zombie last week.

Before you start boarding up your houses/leaving for unaffected areas (Switzerland is probably safe), you should really finish reading this post. There’s no zombie survival tips at the end of it or anything but it would make me happy.

So, here’s five reasons today is a good day (for me)…

Reason #1 today is a good day

The DHL guy dropped by the apartment today with a package from my good friend Lish. Inside? CANNED UNICORN MEAT. Kind of gross, yes. Then I looked at the nutritional information and I realized why she’d gotten it for me.

DSC00066 DSC00068

Awesome!! Perhaps this is the key to combatting the zombie plague…

Reason #2 today is a good day

YoLesbicanariaMy article “Las desventuras de una lesbiana en pañales” (“The Mishaps of a Lesbian in Diapers”) is now up at Lesbicanarias as part of the Yo Lesbicanarias series. You should read it if: you can read Spanish, you like naked girls, threesomes, and/or S&M. You should just read it anyway. If you don’t speak Spanish,  you can do what Lish did and toss the whole thing into Google Translate. It’ll be trippy. The whole thing will read like:


Which is really not that much of a departure from the original.

Once again, a million and one thanks to my friend Ana Lucía, beta reader extraordinaire, who also came up with the title. And to Rogue for inviting me. And to all the awesome readers of Lesbicanarias for being such wonderful/kind/sweet people.

Reason #3 today is a good day

I broke down and finally ordered a Kindle earlier in the week. I blame two people for this: Jay and Kadomi. It’s supposed to arrive today and every time I hear the elevator I bounce excitedly in my chair. It hasn’t arrived yet. When it does, life will be awesome. Not that it isn’t already. It will be awesomer.





Reason #4 today is a good day

It’s Thursday, which means there’s a brand new episode of P&P. Are you reading it yet? You should be. Start here. Then keep on reading. Really. Do it.

Reason #5 today is a good day

Hand soap. We keep trying new soaps in the bathroom and the latest one is awesome. Really, it smells amazing. It smells like sunshine and rainbows. At least, what I imagine sunshine and rainbows to smell like if they were hand soap.

Special shout-out and good vibes request

My friend Adrienne has a big exam today. If you get the chance, please send some good/intellectually stimulating vibes her way. Good luck on your exam, Spikey!

Here’s hoping you have a good day, too

Have a great day, everyone! Unless you’re in New Zealand/Australia/Other Side of the World and your day is almost over. I hope tomorrow is a good day, in that case.