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Today’s Post Contains Stuff

Today  is one of those “did not get enough sleep” days where I make very little sense in general conversation. I just said the following to K about five minutes ago:

Why you make me fefafa?

And then I couldn’t remember what I’d meant to say but it had something to do with the weather.

This morning wasn’t any better:

A Portrait of This Morning

Sketch 2011-06-10 13_31_59 Sketch 2011-06-10 13_47_28

So instead of writing down words, today I’m just going to share some stuff.

This was cute


This made me laugh and then it got stuck in my head

I’m told she would make a good Julianne (Yay or Nay?)

(If you have no idea who Julianne is that’s okay. This is still a pretty picture for you to enjoy).


This is awesome and will revolutionize the way we read stuff

These are my goals for the year


Here’s a song I like


I’ll leave you there with that there.