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It’s a rainy Saturday in Lyon and I’ve been taking advantage of the pooptastic weather to do some digital spring cleaning. Please don’t be alarmed if you’re prancing around my website (as I know you’re wont to do) and things appear as if by magick and then POOF away. You’re not hallucinating. Or maybe you are. I can’t be sure.

Table of Contents (for this post)

  1. Useless info that I felt like sharing
  2. A book recommendation
  3. TBSOL Q&A
  4. TBSOL sneak peek
  5. A kitten

The latest tweaks around the site

  • I realized that it would be helpful to those traipsing through my Last Aparicio recaps to have handy links at the bottom pointing to the next one. Who wants to click around? Clicking is exhausting. I want you to come to my website, put your feet up and demand I bring you [insert drink of your choice]. That’s what this site is all about: laziness and over-drinking. So, check it out.
  • I also added a bio to my new about page because apparently people like to read about other people in paragraph form. I read that on the Internet so it must be true. See my about page –where everything is about me, me, me. I’m so self-involved.
  • I also tweaked the TV Talk page because I realized the previous one was nonsensical. It’s still nonsensical but it’s got smaller images. Smaller images! This way! Also, and this is a BIG DEAL – if you click those smaller images it takes you to places.  Revolutionary! I’m a genius.

I’ve Got A Book! For You!

imageBasically, you should not do whatever it is you were planning to do after finishing this post and instead just go read this book: Beauty Queens by Libba Bray.

This book contains all the things that make up my definition of awesomeness:

Girls. Gay girls. Bi girls. Transgender girls. Hilarity. Nonsense. More nonsense. More hilarity. Craziness. Satire. Silliness. A girl with an airplane tray sticking out of her head. And more hilarity. All wrapped in a feminist message.

As is to be expected, there are indeed some people out there in the universe who do not love this book as much as I love this book, but the grand majority agree it’s the greatest thing since the last great thing (your great thing may vary), and so there’s a very good chance you’ll love it too.

Speaking of Books: Some TBSOL Stuff

TBSOL edits are frolicking right along. At least, that’s how I picture them: frolicking. So far I’ve chopped off about 14,000 words and I’ve got many more to go. Still, every time that word count drops I feel so much better, especially because I don’t think any of what I’ve deleted will actually be missed. In many cases, I’ve simply rewritten scenes so that they’re shorter, but still contain the point. At least, you know, that’s the intent.


Question in my inboxHi! I’m one of the people who’s only read v1. I know you said that it’s a different version and everything. Are the emails between them different too? Or did you keep those the same in the new version?
Answer: Hi back! That is something nobody has asked me before. Everything’s different in the new/final version (v2). It’s a whole different book. Same characters. Same basic plotline. All new words. Everything from the beginning, to the middle, to the end, to the emails between the characters is 100% brand new.

Sneak a peek!

Since we’re on the subject, here’s a sneak peek from one of the emails between J & K.

Note: this is a first draft to second draft sneak peek rather than a second draft to final draft sneak peek – if that makes any sense. No? Doesn’t matter.

The romantic in me wants to believe that love conquers all,  that you can live happily ever after with the person of your dreams and that life can be a fairy tale.

Unfortunately, I imagine that love is nowhere near as simple as that. First, you have to meet someone you’re attracted to, not just in looks, but in personality. And how often does that happen? Well, perhaps you have better luck in that department than I do…

But then, even if you meet someone you’re attracted to, whose personality rocks your world, what are the odds that they find you equally engaging?

To be honest, I’m not really sure how people manage it. I have two friends who recently got together. I can’t help wonder: how did that happen? Did they just look at each other and know that the other wanted the same thing? Did they talk about it? Was it just a feeling?

When does that moment occur, that friendship turns into attraction, and like turns into love, and it just so happens that it’s mutual?

It all sounds terribly unlikely, don’t you think?

Until soon,


This video made me AWWWW for about half an hour (watch the whole thing)