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The point is, I wish I were an elf…


So, my favorite part of last night’s Glee? Sue Sylvester’s League of Doom. I really want to be one of her villainous henchmen. That whole thing had me giggling cackling girlishly evilly into my coffee. Oh and Santana. Santana Lopez is amazing. I’ll say no more, though. I don’t want to spoil anyone. The lack of Brittana sucked monkeys.

Is there a formula for discovering your villain name? I know with a porn star it’s something like the name of your first pet + the name of the street you grew up in. So my porn star name is Teri Sequoia, which I think sounds more like a wrestler than a porn star. That reminds me: I really wanted to be a sumo wrestler when I grew up.

You know how adults sometimes say you can be anything you want to be? Well they lie. When you’re a 5’2” (157 cm)/100 lb. (45 kg) Puerto Rican, they won’t let you become a sumo wrestler. I had to settle for being a writer.

I guess it’s almost the same thing.

How did we get onto this topic? I’m sure it’s your fault somehow.

Anyway, today I discovered the song “Do It Like a Dude” by Jessie J, which I feel I shouldn’t like as much as I do. And yet. I also feel like I shouldn’t like the video as much as I do because it’s a little “wtf” but also maybe awesome? I can’t decide. You decide.

Official video:


And then I found this acoustic version, which I also really liked:


I’m not sure what my point is here.

Moving on. So, it would seem that most of you liked my daily challenge thingie. So I guess I’ll do another one. Once I figure out one to do. Maybe a daily photo thing. Or more drawings? I don’t know. I will go out into my Zen garden and meditate on it. I don’t actually have a Zen garden, or even a garden, but I can imagine going out into a Zen garden and meditating on the subject of daily challenges.

Or maybe do another poll.

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Now I want a Zen garden.