The Longest Lesbian Kiss EVER & Something That Will Make Your Day Better

30 Day Photo Challenge – Day 21: Spaceship & Unicorn


So the world didn’t end…

Are we pleased? Disappointed? Personally, I wasn’t too worried. Rebecca Black prophesized that the day after Saturday would be Sunday, so I figured we were safe. Life may now proceed as normal until the next scheduled apocalypse.

Last night…

I watched Elena Undone, which was actually better than I expected it to be.

Plot Summary: It’s basically about a woman who meets another woman and one woman is a lesbian and the other is married to a pastor. They run into each other one day and as their eyes meet for the first time the air snaps and crackles and pops like Rice Crispies in milk. AND THEN –well, you’re just going to have to watch it.

This movie totally wins the award for Longest Kiss EVAR. I got up to make a sandwich halfway through and they were still going at it when I came back.  Just kidding – like I’d ever get up to make a sandwich in the middle of a scene like this. Thumbs up!

Longest Kiss EVAR (Obviously don’t click play if you intend to watch the movie and don’t wish to be spoiled):


Road Trip USA 2011 IS A GO

This event needs a better name, I think. More than likely it will change names as the road trip progresses.


Something like:

  • Lesbisexual Girls on the Road – WOOHOOO!!! 2011

  • Singing Showtunes & Flashing Boobies 2011
  • What’s That Girl in a Cape Doing Running Naked in the Middle of the Night? Oh It’s Just Ingrid 2011
  • How Did We End Up In Mexico? 2011
  • Lesbisexual Girls on the Road & Some Random Hooker They Picked Up 2011
  • Prison Looked More Fun on TV 2011
  • This Idea Sounded Better in Theory and Now We’re All Stuck With Each Other  2011

The plan as it stands today, which is, I imagine, not where it will stand a week from now (or even an hour from now), is that K and I will fly to the US to meet up with some friends somewhere in the vicinity of Somewhere, USA and then we’ll take a road trip down to FL together. Stops along the way will include This Place, USA and That Other Place, USA. And no doubt we will stop to visit This Person Here and maybe That Other Person There.

It’s all very specific.

I’m excited.

30 Day Questions Challenge – Day 21: When was the last time you smiled?

A couple of minutes ago, watching this:

Watch that. Seriously. It will make your day better. <3

Proudly stolen from my BFF Jay