TBSOL Progress Report

ImageI haven’t been talking about how TBSOL is going, which maybe has people thinking that I’m stuck again. I’m actually not stuck! I’ve made tremendous progress on chapter 49, which is now two and a half scenes away from completion.

So far, chapter 49 is 6,332 words. And has a total of 10 scenes (well, 9 and a half). I’ve outlined 12 scenes total. So we’re very nearly there.

Chapter 50 should be significantly shorter.

I’ve not let anyone read any part of chapter 49 yet which is rare for me and feels really strange because I usually have a general, scene-by-scene idea of how it’s coming along for at least one other person. Having no input whatsoever is weird. But it’s kind of cool, too, in an omg-does-this-suck-or-not-what-am-I-doing-oh-god sort of way.

When I first started the chapter after many months of not being able to start the chapter, I thought the whole thing was going to be a big, convoluted mess of words. In a lot of ways, I feel like the entire novel is a big, convoluted mess of words that will have to beaten into shape with a stick before it’s ready for public consumption.

But in writing chapter 49 I’ve come to see that the end approaches with every sentence and that’s a very different feeling than I had when I finished the original version.

Chapter 49 is about realizations and about family and about the past and–most importantly–the future and about solidifying Julianne and Kris as a couple. And Mexican robots named Buttercup.

Chapter 50 is where the aliens land and kidnap Kris and take her away to their home planet to marry their king, Z9972skjfloj the Third .

The details on chapter 50 are still a little fuzzy…