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Sombies, Dreams and a Random Photo of Me

I’ve been a bit quiet the past few days, which has prompted a few people to ask – in varying ways:

Q. Are you ALIVE?

A. The short answer is this.

Indeed, it’s possible that I’m not alive. It’s possible that I’m a zombie. But not one of those groaning, leg-dragging sort. No – a sophisticated zombie (a sombie if you will). I eat my brains with a knife and fork. I sit at a table, with a  cloth napkin draped across my lap. I drink my blood out of a wine glass. (Do zombies drink blood? Or do they simply tolerate it? Really. I’m asking).

Also possible is that I’m alive. But that’s less interesting.

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Open Blog Monday

Open Blog Monday: “Samantha” (An Original Song)


Welcome to another Tuesday installment of Open Blog Monday – the weekly feature no one can pin down.

“Samantha” by Iris Goldfeder

Today’s OBM is brought to you by my friend Iris Goldfeder, who wrote and performed a song entitled “Samantha.” The song is based on a true story and was written in an effort to raise awareness about homelessness in the US.


If you enjoyed the song, please pass it along to friends and interested parties. For more information, visit the Bethany House of Nassau County website, where you’ll find several ways to help the cause.

Bethany House exists to strengthen and assist those women and children from Long Island who are deprived of the basic resources required for natural and healthy growth and development. Bethany House seeks to provide a homelike atmosphere where basic living needs are met and comprehensive services combine to encourage the head of the family to attain self – sufficiency for the family and restore their human dignity. (Read More…)

Mondays (or sometimes other days) are Open Blog Mondays here at my journal. A day where readers from around the globe can share whatever they want with each other. For more information, read all about OBM or just email me something you’d like to see posted.

Of Life & Randomness

Today’s Post Contains Stuff

Today  is one of those “did not get enough sleep” days where I make very little sense in general conversation. I just said the following to K about five minutes ago:

Why you make me fefafa?

And then I couldn’t remember what I’d meant to say but it had something to do with the weather.

This morning wasn’t any better:

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Of Life & Randomness

“I may be bad but I’m perfectly good at it…”

30 Day Photo Challenge – Day 14:
Unedited TBSOL on the Kindle


For those of you who read v2, that scene will look familiar. For those of you who haven’t read v2…then I guess this is brand new information! This section hasn’t been edited yet so I have no idea what it’ll look like at the end of it all. But there you go anyway.

I was testing to see what Calibre did to the file if I tried to convert it from a PDF to a MOBI file and it didn’t come out all that great. Gonna see what Scrivener does to it. Playing with software is fun!

So this is probably the greatest thing I’ve seen so far today:

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Of Life & Randomness

Tomorrow is a big deal for two reasons…


First and foremost, a special thank you to all the new people in my life who’ve found me via my Lesbicanarias article. ¡Saludos a todas!

So, tomorrow is a big deal for two reasons:

  • It’s May 1st which means I’ll be kicking off a brand new daily challenge.
  • It’s May 1st which means  K and I will be celebrating our eight year anniversary.

May 1st is a holiday in France and everything is closed/non-operational (the whole country is celebrating us getting together, apparently; so sweet of them) and so we usually go out to celebrate on May 2nd. Not really sure what we’ll do this year. Maybe get really drunk and run naked through the streets of Lyon/get arrested for public misconduct. Or did we do that last year? I can’t remember.

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