This post has no subject, but if I had to choose, I’d say it’s mainly about goats. I’m lying. Or am I?


Okay, I’m lying. This post has nothing to do with goats. I apologize for misleading you. They say that you should think long and hard about blog titles because you want the title line to catch people’s attention and after much deliberation I landed on goats as a topic no one would ignore. But this is not about goats.

Here’s what I really wanted to say: I’m sorry. I’m sorry because I’m bound to be ridiculously boring and uninteresting for the foreseeable future, be it via Twitter or Facebook or email or blogging. I have this novel thing to finish and, much as it always has, it is kicking my ass. I long for the day when I can step away from this book and say, “HA! I conquered you! Bitch.” But in the meantime, I’m afraid we’re stuck wrestling each other in a ring full of Turkish oil.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to try to be boring and uninteresting, just that it’s possible that I will be. But I invite you all to poke and prod me when I am.

Dear You,

If you’re here for my recaps – hi! – and to answer your question: Yes. I will be doing more. For my next one: What show do you want? Lost Girl? More Rizzoli & Isles? Other? What episodes? I like to please virtual strangers, so just tell me what you want. You know, take my hand and lead me to your recap pleasure points. Or … something not so creepy sounding.

If you’re here for my writing – hi! – and to answer your question: I have no idea when TBSOL will be published. All I know is that the first seven chapters have been more or less re-written and I’ve spent the past week trying to inject some soul back into the pages because I was told that I had sucked the soul right out them. And that sounded really cool for half a second as I pondered the implications of being a writerly super villain. Nomnomnom book souls. Burp. Then I realized this was not actually a good thing. So I went into CPR mode. Slipped it some tongue. You know. It’s what authors do.

The point is I had K read over these previously soul-less but now newly molested chapters and she loved them. This made me feel like a rock star for about five minutes until I returned to my office and just felt overwhelmed and doubtful and panicky all over again. But progress.

I’ve removed nearly 20,000 words from the first seven chapters alone and that tends to send people into freak-out mode when mention it. But K said, “I have no idea what you took out,” and that definitely made me feel better. Especially since the whole thing reads entirely differently.

TBSOL Sneak Peek Alert

For those of you who enjoy spoilers, I’ll do another sneak peek. As always, it’s a work in progress. But enjoy. CHAPTER 1 —> Here.

Of Life & Randomness

[This Headline For Sale–$0 or best offer]

It’s a rainy Saturday in Lyon and I’ve been taking advantage of the pooptastic weather to do some digital spring cleaning. Please don’t be alarmed if you’re prancing around my website (as I know you’re wont to do) and things appear as if by magick and then POOF away. You’re not hallucinating. Or maybe you are. I can’t be sure.

Table of Contents (for this post)

  1. Useless info that I felt like sharing
  2. A book recommendation
  3. TBSOL Q&A
  4. TBSOL sneak peek
  5. A kitten [continue reading…]

TBSOL Sneak Peek #4: Tassel pasties

Yesterday, I sat down with my calendar and knocked out a full editing schedule for TBSOL. Got out my pens, got out my post-its, got out my binders; for a while it just sort of looked like Office Depot came by and threw up all over our living room. K looked at me a little funny.

But by the end there was order to the chaos.

30 Day Photo Challenge—Day 5: This is what order looks like in my world


Then I finished editing another section, which now puts me two weeks ahead of schedule. Woohoo! Let’s celebrate with another sneak peek!

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The State of TBSOL and New Scene Sneak Peeks (Spoiler Alert)


So, yesterday I wrote a brand new scene. It then joined the other two brand new scenes that no one has read. The three scenes then replaced about 3 chapters worth of old stuff. I then spent a few hours polishing some of the old scenes. So now Chapters 1-4 are more or less done.

I thought writing a book was exhausting but editing a book is worse. When I was writing it I could at least tell myself, “It’s okay if it doesn’t sound great. I’ll fix it later.” Now it’s later and I’ve gotta get this book ready and out the door and it’s very stressful and I feel very panicky about it. Am I cutting too much? Not enough? Does it make sense if I take this out?

The book is more or less in pieces at the moment—like a jigsaw puzzle—but parts are starting to come together and that makes it easier to think it will eventually be done.

So, for the curious, here’s what TBSOL looks like at the moment (I’m including sneak peeks of the new scenes, so don’t read the rest of this post if you don’t want to be semi-spoiled):

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