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Tabula Rasa


Welcome to my new home at ingriddiaz.com! Getting this domain name was a very long and arduous process. I owned it once, and then I lost it (bad, Ingrid) and then I couldn’t get it back for the longest time because for some inexplicable reason someone really wanted to use it to sell exercise equipment. But after a few rounds of naked oil wrestling, I came out victorious.

And here we are.

For me, it’s still a bit strange. Like when you move to a new place and you invite someone over and you’re going, “Isn’t it great?” And they’re like, “Yeah… yeah. But…why’d you move? Your old place was nice and this one kind of smells like a morgue.” And you’re like, “Oh! It’s probably because of those blood stains on the carpet.” And they’re like, “I really should get going…” And you’re like, “Let me show you the basement first.” And they’re like, “Hey, what are you doing with that knife?” And —

Wait, I think I lost my point somewhere.

I think what I’m trying to say is that I’m still settling into my new place, and that it’s probably haunted.

Anyway, for now all of my old blog posts will remain over at the MI journal, but I’ll eventually start migrating them over, little by little. Or all at once. Or not at all. Or on a case by case basis. I haven’t decided. Depends what the voices tell me to do.

Please make yourself at home! (Don’t mind the packing boxes or the cobwebs or those noises coming from upstairs – it’s just the wind…)

quick TBSOL FV update

Chapter 37 is complete and will be heading off to my esteemed beta team once chapter 38 is finished.  As always, if you wish to join my beta team, you must first allow me to invade your inbox from time to time. I promise I’ll be gentle. Coincidentally, “I promise I’ll be gentle,” is one of the things that Kris says to Julianne in chapter 37: