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Supergirl 2.05: Sanvers Recap


I’m caffeinated and showered and ready to dive into another Sanvers recap. If you missed my previous ones, here you go:

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Supergirl 2.04: Alex/Maggie Recap

Up, up and away… 

just two gal pals playing pool

Like a lot of people, I expected Alex to be in full, semi-cold, Super Professional mode around Maggie after finding out she has a girlfriend. So, imagine my surprise when we find our gals drinking and playing pool together in the middle of the work day.

Here we learn an important fact about Maggie: She’s terrible at pool.

2016-11-17_171545 2016-11-17_171643

Maggie: Oh! I don’t get the chance to win my money back?

Alex: Uh, with the rate that you play, we’d be here for hours. Your girlfriend would have to put out an APB.


Alex is flirting. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t realize she’s flirting, but she’s totally flirting. Sure, she’s feeling pretty smug about kicking Maggie’s butt at pool, but mostly, she’s feeling pretty good about the fact that even with a girlfriend, Maggie’s choosing to hang out with her. And so she’s doing that thing we all do when the person we really like is already with someone, and we want to seem like we’re totally cool with it and not jealous at all.

But Alex’s day is about to get better because:

Maggie: Not likely. We broke up.

And now Alex has to do that thing we all do when we’ve just heard the best news in the world, but we have to pretend it’s the Worst News Ever.

Alex: Oh, my God! I’m sorry! What happened?


Maggie: She dumped me.

Alex: She dumped you? Who would do that?


And holy crap, Alex, control yourself. But Alex is a clueless baby gay, and she genuinely can’t believe anyone would be dumb enough to dump Maggie Sawyer, because have you seen Maggie Sawyer? Have you met her? What kind of idiot would give that up?

Maggie: She did. Convincingly.

Alex: Well, maybe it was just a fight.

Maggie: Well, she said that I was hard-headed, insensitive, obsessed with work–

Alex: That’s not so bad.

Maggie: Also, borderline sociopathic, and uh, she never wants to see me again, so I’m pretty sure it’s over.

2016-11-17_174940 2016-11-17_175109

Stand closer to each other, I dare you.

Alex has already decided Maggie’s ex is the biggest poopyhead in the world, and says what we’re all thinking.

Alex: Well…her loss.


Her loss, my gain, is what Alex really means, even if she doesn’t quite know that’s what she really means. Unfortunately, Maggie’s a bit more torn up about this breakup than any of us would like, and she expresses how torn up she is about this by leaning closer to Alex.


Maggie: I just thought she was…

Alex: You thought she was what?


Maggie doesn’t clarify, so we’re left to form our own conclusions.

Here’s the thing.

In 2.03, Maggie’s Roltikkon ex-girlfriend tells Maggie, “You moved on quick,” after seeing her with Alex, and we then learn (from Alex) that Roltikkons (?) form telepathic connections.

We’re not told how long these connections last, or what they entail, but it’s entirely possible that the, “You moved on quick,” wasn’t meant as passive-aggressive jealousy from an ex, but rather, a factual observation from a literal mind-reader. The “you moved on quick” also tells us that Maggie hadn’t been single for very long at that point. She hadn’t even gone on the “hot date” that may or may not have been this girlfriend who just dumped her.

My point being: Maggie hasn’t been with this so-called girlfriend for very long, and sure, lesbians move fast sometimes, but come on. Maggie’s a total workaholic. How much of their brief time together did she even spend with this girlfriend? Probably not a lot if her ex concluded she was “obsessed with work.”

So, when Maggie says, “I just thought she was…” and then finds herself unable to finish the sentence, my interpretation is this: Maggie thought this girlfriend was going to be enough to help her get over whatever she’s feeling towards Alex.

“Hard-headed. Insensitive. Obsessed with work. Borderline sociopathic,” is not the kind of feedback you receive from someone you’re madly in love with. That’s the kind of feedback you receive when you’re trying to force yourself to be with someone you don’t actually have any feelings for, and they call you on it.

Maggie can’t tell Alex any of this, though, because I’m pretty sure she’s convinced herself that Alex is a straight girl, and all of her Don’t Fall For A Straight Girl alarms are going off in her head. And so, the only thing she can do is talk around the truth, and try not to stare too much at the girl she likes, and then run away when thing start getting real.

2016-11-17_183140 2016-11-17_183834

Maggie: Look, I appreciate the beer and the pool, but I think I need to go home and drink something a little harder and lose my cool. See you later.

And listen, the amount of looking at/looking away that Maggie does in the few seconds it takes her to actually force herself away from Alex’s company is pretty telling.


Alex: Feel better.

#1 crush

Alex is using her downtime at the DEO to text Maggie, think about Maggie, smile about Maggie, and generally act like a goofball in love.

Winn is like, “Dafuq is wrong with you?” when he realizes that the Always Super Professional Alex Danvers is not listening to his work-talk, and is, instead, grinning into space.


Winn: Hellooooo… Earth to Agent Danvers.

Alex: Sorry, I’m listening.

Winn: No, you’re not. What’s going on with you?

Alex is so far gone at this point that she doesn’t even pretend that she’s not thinking about Maggie. The girl doesn’t even try to come up with some excuse, because there is nothing in the whole world she’d rather be talking about than Maggie Sawyer. But at least we’re going to keep things semi-professio–

Alex: Maggie is such a terrible pool player.

Oh, dear God, girl. Get a grip.


Alex: I mean, I even tried to let her win, and she couldn’t keep up.


Winn’s like, “Who? Huh? What?” Oh, right, Maggie, the NCPD officer. Alex then pretends she hadn’t just been staring giddily into space, and goes on to express concern over Maggie’s emotionally vulnerable state.

Alex: I just wish I could help her.

Winn: I try to stay out of other people’s relationships.

Alex: Mmhmm. Like you stayed out of Kara’s relationships?

Winn: Oh! Okay. Now that was different. I was into Kara. It’s not like you’re into this Maggie person.

Except she totally, totally is.


nerds: a love story

Alex shows up at the crime scene du jour, and heads straight for her favorite detective, who greets her with, “They didn’t teach me anything about anti-gravity guns at the Academy.” Alex then digs deep into her reservoir of Cool Things to Say to Impress Pretty Girls, and comes back with:

Alex: We’re analyzing thermal residue to look for any electromagnetic components to these weapons so we can create a counter-measure.


It is at this point that I grow absolutely convinced that Maggie Sawyer has it bad for Alex Danvers, even if she’s trying so, so hard to fight it, because her reaction to Alex’s Very Serious tech-talk is to chuckle, and say, “Nerd,” in a way that betrays how charming she finds her. All the while, she’s actively not looking at Alex, and walking away from her, because if she looks at Alex, then Alex will see how brightly she’s smiling.

2016-11-17_225604 2016-11-17_225615

I’m pretty sure it’s not the first time that Alex has been called a nerd, but I’m certain it’s the first time she’s been called a nerd in a way that makes her feel all fluttery and excited, and even if she can’t see how much Maggie is smiling, she can tell that she is. And well, that’s pretty encouraging, so she chases after Maggie to ask after her well-being, while openly staring at her like this:


Alex: How are you feeling? Any better?

Maggie: Now I just feel like I got kicked in the gut, instead of the face.

Lesbians are so dramatic.

Alex doesn’t know what to do with that. She’d been kind of hoping Maggie had gotten over this whole breakup thing by now, but nope. Welp, nothing to be done but to keep trying to spend as much time with Maggie as possible. She throws out some potential activities the two of them could do together.

Pinball bar.

Tapas place.

And you know what, these are all great ideas, and we should all be taking notes. If a girl had ever asked me out to a pinball bar, I would’ve said yes, so I’m not quite sure how Maggie’s finding the will to resist.

Maggie: I don’t really feel like I’m up to it.


A pinball bar, Maggie. With Alex. You know you want to say yes.

Alex, Rao bless her, is refusing to take no for an answer.


Alex: Come on! You should come out, we’ll go, and you know, have fun, and celebrate singledom.

Maggie: I don’t really feel like celebrating getting dumped.

Alex: Oh, Maggie, that’s not what I meant.

Maggie: What do you mean?

Yes, what do you mean, Alex? Tell us.

Alex: I just thought that we could go and have fun. Keep each other company.


It is at this point that Maggie’s gaydar magically repairs itself, and starts playing Tegan and Sara at full blast.

2016-11-17_233347 2016-11-17_233417

Maggie: You and me?

Alex: Yes! Why? What’s wrong with that?

And here, for the briefest of moments, Maggie lets herself believe that she may actually have a chance.

2016-11-17_233853 2016-11-17_233859

Maggie: Nothing! I just … I think I read you wrong.

Alex: What do you mean?

Maggie: I… I didn’t know you were into girls.

2016-11-17_234044 2016-11-17_234123

Spooked baby gay, 12 o’clock. Abort. Abort.

Alex: I’m not!

Gay panic, check. Crushed hopes, check. Awkward backtracking commencing.

Maggie: Oh. My bad then, sorry.

Alex: No no no, I mean… no offense, Maggie.

Maggie: No, I get it, you’re not gay.


Alex: Right.




Maggie: You’d be surprised how many gay women I’ve heard that from.



Maggie: Sorry, I-I just thought, I thought you were angling towards something–

Alex: No, I wasn’t, I was just trying to… I’ll–I’ll let you know when we make some progress.


sister bonding time

Alex parks herself outside of Kara’s apartment and stress-eats while waiting for her sister to show up.

Kara: A donut? You never eat sugar in the middle of the day. What’s wrong?

Alex: I’m feeling confused about something.


But Alex’s confusion takes a backseat to Kara’s ranting about how Mon-El isn’t adjusting to Earth-life as easily as Kara would like, and this leads to Alex telling Kara that when she’d first come to live with them, Alex had wanted Kara to do everything she liked. But that she eventually let that go, and let Kara find her own hobbies and interests and music.

Alex: Mon-El is not you. Just like you’re not me. So, what works for you might not work for him. You know, people just have to figure out what works for them. You know, who they are inside. What they’re meant to be.


Which isn’t so much a speech about Mon-El, but rather a speech about herself. Regardless, it helps Kara. Kara then asks what it was Alex came to talk to her about, and Alex takes a deep breath and–


Alex: I…

–and, of course, there’s a knock at the door.

It’s Lena Luthor! Which is a totally different gay situation I’m not going to get into right now.

Needless to say, Alex doesn’t get to tell Kara the thing she wanted to tell her.

plot happens

A whole bunch of plot-related things happen, none of which have anything to do with Alex or Maggie, but the bad guys are eventually apprehended. Maggie has them in custody, and is in the process of transferring them into an armored vehicle when they drop down dead in front of her. Ice Queen Nia  Lillian Luthor is not messing around as the Big Bad.


grab the tissues

Maggie’s drinking alone at the Bar With No Name when Alex shows up. She’d heard about the dead prisoners and wants to know how Maggie is doing.


Maggie: I’ve seen some crazy stuff since I joined the Science Police, but that was…um…that was…

She doesn’t finish her sentence because Alex is standing in front of her now, and Maggie’s looking up at her like she can’t believe she’s actually there. Like she didn’t expect to ever see her again after their talk, and how badly she probably thinks she blew that. Straight girls usually don’t take it well when you suggest they’re raving homosexuals who are angling to get into your pants.


Maggie: What are–what are you doing here?

Alex: I was worried about you.


Maggie: Look, I’m sorry if I was too forward the other day. That wasn’t my place.

Alex sits down, and then:

Alex: My whole life has been about being perfect. Perfect grades. Perfect job. Being the perfect sister. Taking care of Kara. But the one part of my life that I have never been able to make perfect … was dating. I just never really liked it. I don’t know, I mean I tried. You know. I got asked out. I just. I never liked … being intimate. I just–I don’t know. I thought maybe that’s just not the way that I was built. You know? Not my thing. I never really thought it was because of the other… the .. maybe I … I mean, I don’t know. Now, now I can’t stop thinking about…

Maggie: About what?

Alex: That maybe… there’s some truth to what you said.

Maggie: About?

Alex: What you said … about me.


It’s really hard to capture in written form just how beautiful this moment is, and how honest it is. I love that Maggie doesn’t push Alex any further; that she gets how hard this is for Alex. And I love that Alex is brave enough to say as much as she does.

2016-11-18_012536 2016-11-18_012546

And then they stare at each other, and it’s all too much for Alex who kind of laughs and says she has to go.

Alex: I’m glad you’re okay.

2016-11-18_012724 2016-11-18_012735

And we’re left with Maggie, who is now probably thinking some combination of, “Yay!” and “Crap.”

Hope is restored, but it now comes buried beneath a mountain of complications because Maggie wants forever, and Alex is just barely figuring out who she is and what she wants.


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