las aparicio

Sneak Peek of Las Aparicio Episode 40 (video with dialogue translation)

I have absolutely no idea what happens before or after this sneak peek, but I think we should just freeze it in time and pretend that it’s all happily ever after from then on. Although we know better. Armando is probably going to be back five seconds later to screw everything up. But at least we’ve got 1:10 minutes of awesome.

I’m sure you can find it with English subtitles somewhere, but in the mean time here goes a quick translation of the dialogue.

Mariana: Why weren’t you a girl?

Julia/Mariana: *cracking up*

Julia: (laughing) What a dork. *smacks her arm*

Mariana: Hey! Don’t be so rough with me.

Julia: I’m sorry! (starts kissing it better until their faces are inches apart)

Mariana: Oh, no, Julia no. No. I’m not going to let your confusion steal another kiss from me. Honestly … you destabilize me. You’re going to drive me insane.

Julia: I’m not confused. Seriously, Mariana, I’m sure. I love you. (kisses her)

Mariana: But Juli–

And then more kissing! Yay!

Anyone else terrified? lol