Rizzoli & Isles

Rizzoli & Isles Twitter Style (because the subtext is everywhere…)

Since half the lesbical Internet is already covering the subtext recaps, I’m gonna share some of the subtext tweets, because these characters are incapable of exchanging words – on-screen or off – without making lesbians everywhere go “!!!!”

And in case anyone forgot what “undercover clothes” they’re talking about:


Yes, that outfit was too … it was so… Where were we?


Harsh, Isles, making her sleep on the floor for giving some other woman her number. You could’ve at least made her sleep on the couch.


I believe that’s called “a date.” And since you’re already extending it from drinks to dinner, might as well make it a sleepover. Hell, just move in together.


I can’t even.


Maura wrote a “tasting note” on Jane. It’s just too … it is so… Anyway.

Further Reading: That last exchange inspired this awesome fanfic: “Under Covers Champion,” which I wholeheartedly recommend.

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