Rizzoli & Isles

Rizzoli & Isles Twitter Q&A

It’s Tuesday morning, which means it’s time for a recap of last night’s Rizzoli & Isles twitter action. There was no 5 minute deleted scene this week, but we did get that Q&A session they promised. For thirty minutes or so, @JaneRizzoli and @MauraIsles answered viewers’ most burning questions.

Some of the answers were a little long for Twitter’s 140 character limit, so I screencapped the complete answers for your reading convenience.



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If you’re wondering what could be even better than a pony or a monkey, it’s an interview with Sasha Alexander at beerwithduncan.com. Enjoy!

Next week we’re back with another 5-minute deleted scene. @JaneRizzoli said it “may feature a base hit … and some interesting fashion choices.”

Stay tuned!