Rizzoli & Isles

Rizzoli & Isles Subtexty Recap 2.06 “Rebel Without A Pause”

Anyhoo, Jane wants to help Maura get ready for her artsy fartsy plans with her mother. I’m confident that this involves undressing. But Frost comes in with some new evidence. And Angela calls with some new emergency. And Constance calls to cancel plans.

Then they both go to see what’s up with Angela. Starsky’s sick and Angela is in a panic about letting Korsak down.


Maura agrees to heal him, though she admits to Jane that poor little Starsky isn’t going to make it. She tells Angela that she’ll take care of him. Maura will work some voodoo magic. Anything for her future/current mother-in-law.

Korsak comes to check on Starsky but Jane manages to talk him out of it. And it’s time to get back to the case anyway. They’ve got a dress-up party to infiltrate. Maura’s now free because her mom canceled plans and Jane invites her along.

Starsky dies during all of this and Maura tells Angela a lie of omission.


Maura: I told her I’d take care of it.

Jane: You lied.

Maura: No. I just didn’t say that I was ‘taking care of’ his funeral arrangements.

Over at the gathering for re-enactors in time-appropriate garb, Jane, Maura, Frost and Korsak come dressed to impress.


Jane: I can’t believe I let you talk me into wearing this.

I can’t believe that Jane hasn’t realized by now that Maura can talk her into anything. P.U.K.E shirts. Pink dresses. She can also talk her out of anything “the hard way” if necessary.


Here we learn that making each other laugh is a mutual thing, as Maura tastes some “18th century beer” and then spits it back out, proclaiming that it “sucks.” This makes Jane crack up, which is fortunate as her giggling causes her to notice the gunman outside.

The main plot then takes over and we’ve got a shooting at the gathering thingie. They track down a probable suspect. And yadda yadda.

Back at the police station, Korsak randomly mentions that Starsky’s never looked better.

Jane: Starsky’s better?

Korsak: You look surprised.

I sense some Maura-magic at work.


Speak of the devil. Maura shows up looking hawt and sexy. She’s off to her mother’s gallery opening. Of course she needs a date. And seeing as there’s a couple of single men at the table, she zeroes in on … Jane.

Maura: I was hoping you’d go to the installation with me.


Jane hates artsy-fartsy events almost as much as she loves Maura, so she tries to get out of it. Frost and Korsak exchange knowing looks, and my only theory is that they secretly ‘ship these two. They probably write fanfic, even.

Frost: You know what, Jane, we’ve got this. You go.

Korsak: Yeah, go. We know how much you love these fresh ideas and crazy colors and cubes and things.

Maura is practically beaming.


Of course Jane goes. Was there ever any doubt?

Jane: How did Starsky make such a miraculous recovery?

Maura: Luckily the pet store carries parakeets.