Rizzoli & Isles

Rizzoli & Isles Subtexty Recap 2.06 “Rebel Without A Pause”

Anyway —


Double pause! Are they wearing the same style shirt?! It’s like these two fell down the lesbo tree and hit every stereotypical branch on the way down.

Main Plot Thing: Guy got shot in the middle of a war reenactment.

Everyone examines the crime scene. Frankie wanders over, ready to tackle his next duty as a detective-hopeful and gets tasked with the most crucial of duties: Coffee run.

Maura: A cappuccino, please, but only if there’s 1% milk.

Jane: Good thing you’re not picky.


The looks these two give each other. Seriously. What even is that look?

Maura is very picky, Jane. That’s why you’re so lucky that she picked you. She knows it. You know it. We all know it. Pretty sure TNT knows it.

But anyway, there’s this man over there on the side standing by a cannon and he and his war buff friends are trying to move said cannon. Maura’s very excited because he’s a professor that knows a lot about the subject he teaches. Imagine that. That is quite a rare thing. I can totally see why Maura’s excited.


Maura’s excitement makes Jane look like she wants to punch the guy in the face for no other reason than because Maura finds him interesting. She sizes him up like she’s sizing up her competition.


So, they figure out that the guy killed by the gunshot was not the original target.


They discover that the bullet ricocheted off the cannon that that professor guy was trying to move. Through the magic of laser beams and iPad mathematics, they figure out where the shooter was standing when he took the fatal shot. They were up on a tree, as it happens.

Season 2 Maura Isles is officially the Honey Badger of Medical Examiners. She truly don’t care. She don’t need no proper tools to deliver a baby. She don’t mind ripping through her fancy-shmancy shoes. And she most certainly don’t care about climbing up a tree to gather some physical evidence.


What will Honey Badger Isles do next?

Sub-sub Plot: Korsak finds a parakeet and names him Starsky.

Continuing with the main plot, Jane and Maura go to the university to interview the professor and ask him some questions. In my professional opinion: Guy’s nuts.


But enough of that. Back to the fun stuff! Maura’s mom!