Rizzoli & Isles

Rizzoli & Isles 2.01 “We Don’t Need Another Hero” Subtexty Recap (1/2)

Jane then switches the subject to that of her parents’ divorce and Maura’s like, “WTF, Jane? I was trying to make you jealous here!”


And then after a failed attempt at a conversation about how “men do it” – compartmentalize their feelings, that is – Jane gets up and tells Maura to have fun having gentle sex with Byron. And by “gentle sex” she means “boring and crappy.”

Maura jumps to her feet and touches Jane’s arm.


Maura: You do need to boost your immune system and sex is very good for that.

image image

I think she’s offering, Jane.

And then. And then. After Jane walks away, Maura stands there looking deep in thought and seems to simultaneously moan and a shudder.


What…? I can only guess she was picturing the many ways she’d like to boost Jane’s immune system.

Anyhoo, Lt. McBeard and Jane are outside showing what lack of chemistry looks like. He’s basically vomiting compliments all over her manly uniform and she’s looking over his shoulder, waving at Abby who’s getting into the car in front.

image image

All the heterosexual awards.

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