Rizzoli & Isles

Rizzoli & Isles 2.01 “We Don’t Need Another Hero” Subtexty Recap (1/2)

Everyone good?


Back to more sobering matters, the Boston P.D. and U.S. military is honoring Jane and some other woman (in case you forgot, like I did, that there was a plot outside of that whole apartment scene).


So this girl basically saved a bunch of men while she was shot and bleeding and dying and possibly losing limbs, because the women on this show are made of awesome and are quite possibly immune to gunshots.

Speaking of women, these two ladies are looking particularly lovely this evening:


And will you look at that? Jane is wearing her uniform. I guess the “hard way” is quite effective. In fact, I don’t think Jane should ever get dressed – or undressed – any other way.

After they’re finished honoring the first hero, it’s time to rain some love on Jane Rizzoli. She’s called up to the stage and Maura turns to her, pats her arm and tells her to “say something uplifting.”

Jane gets up on the stage, and Maura looks at her like this:


Jane’s speech is sort of like, “Uhh… um…” So she looks to Maura, who once again encourages her to say something chipper. Jane then goes on to give the hero credit to Maura because every time Jane opens her mouth, a little Maura pops out. And then she goes on to talk about how she was just doing her job and how she’s trained to react and this is a good reminder of how the good guys still win. Yadda yadda. People cry.

Little hearts are flying all around Maura’s head as she watches Jane return to her seat.


By this point, this episode has become so gay, that they’re forced to bring in some beards to balance it all out.

Cue Beard #1: Casey



He’s all, “I wanted to see how you turned out. You look really good. Am I showing enough interest in you? Would this work better if I were wearing a black dress and my hair was long and flow-y? I can go change.” Jane’s like, “I’m really happy for you and Imma let you finish but I’m gonna go talk to some other people now.”

She runs off to talk to her brother and mom. Subplot: Seems like Mr. Rizzoli is MIA. Mrs. Rizzoli hugs Jane really tightly when she asks where her dad is.

Maura, who’s never not watching Jane, is watching Jane.