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Mist Monsters, Vaginas and Teleportation

Photo Project: 30 Days of Notebooks (1/30)

I spent my morning learning about mist monsters (muy creepy), and — unrelated to that — about a Spanish boy said to be the reincarnation of a much-beloved Buddhist lama, who grew up in a monastery and at eighteen was like, “Eff this shit, I’m out.” He then returned to Spain to hang out at the beach and listen to trance music and make documentaries. All of this I learned courtesy of the Mysterious Universe podcast, which remains my favorite discovery of 2017.

Chapter 17 of the new version of TBSOL is now up on Patreon.

Chapter 17 Sneak peek:

Julianne: Va…nguards? No … Vagabonds… Vaaaacuities…

Kris: Tragic

Julianne: Vag…arious

Kris: I’m never playing Scrabble with you


Kris: Is that even a real word?

Julianne: Play Scrabble with me and find out.

Kris: I can’t believe how reluctant you are to write VAGINA. Are you sure you’re a lesbian?

From here, the conversation moves to teleportation, because any conversation about vaginas usually segues into quantum mechanics and the transfer of matter. At least, it always does in my experience. “Write what you know,” they say. Well. This is what I know.

Stepping back for a moment, I can see that this post is all over the place. Insightful quote about writing followed by talk of mist monsters; reincarnated Buddhist lamas followed by vaginas and teleportation. I look at this post, and I think, I should maybe have a coherent theme? But no. No. I’m just gonna go ahead and blog the way I think.

So back to the mist monsters: sometimes they paralyze and attack you in your house, but apparently turning on the light makes them go away. Pro-tip: Never turn off the light. I also learned that sometimes aliens abduct you and put you into some kind of gel liquid you can breath through. I have no pro-tip for this.

Today I’m grateful for: Not being someone who gets attacked by mist monsters or abducted and put into breathable alien gel.

And now I’m off to catch up on Las Estrellas. Look how cute they are. <3