Of Life & Randomness


Spoiler alert: I have not cracked all the secrets of the universe, but I’m back all the same.

I’ve been unplugging for an hour every day this week, and it’s become something I look forward to. There’s been minimal staring out the window. I find myself finding lots of things to keep busy with in the absence of other distractions, and some of these activities are even productive. I’ve been keeping track of all my wild adventures on index cards.

Thinking I might eventually extend this to two hours a day, but to build a habit, you have to start small.

Speaking of habits, I got some words written for LITL today. Not sure if they’re words that’ll make it into the book, but they’re words all the same. Yesterday, I wrote a Julianne and Kris scene during my unplugged time (on index cards) that might even make it into the book in some form or another.

LITL by LITL we’ll get there.

(Sorry, couldn’t help myself 😆).

In other news, there’s a new episode of Willow available that I’m very much looking forward to watching tonight. K and I are really loving this show so far, and Disney better not cancel it. Please, TV gods, I can’t take any more cancellations.

Also excited that NCIS: Hawai’i finally returns from break soon. Not sure how hyped I am for this three-way crossover event, seeing as I haven’t really enjoyed any of the crossovers so far, and I don’t even watch the LA version, but it’ll be nice seeing my favorite characters back on my screen (Lucy, I miss you).

Over on his newsletter, Austin Kleon shared a list of prompts for reflecting on the New Year, which is worth checking out for anyone looking for some self-awareness and clarity in 2023. I’m not great at reflecting on the past in any kind of organized manner. It feels like one of those things that I should do more than a thing that I want to do, but I enjoy reading other people’s year-end lists.

And now it’s time to sort out dinner. I have an odd craving for avocado.