las aparicio

Las Aparicio Recap Episodes 70-72

The next day, Armando comes over for breakfast. I don’t know how Mariana and Julia managed to get out of bed after that intensely wild night they spent together, but there they are.


Julia is still emo about the fallout with Rafaela and Armando suggests that she call her mother. At Casa Aparicio, Mercedes is telling Rafaela that she should call Julia. Neither wants to make the first move.


Julia tells them that if this is one of the consequences of her decision to follow her heart, then she’s just going to have to deal with it. And if either of them has changed their minds, she understands. No such luck, though. They’re both still in.

Then Mariana says she’s got to leave because she’s got to go to Mercedes’ office to see about the name change.


As the episode draws to a close, we’re treated to a shot of Rafaela struggling with whether or not to call Julia.


Aurelia’s closing monologue leaves us with the following:

Aurelia: All of us women, at a certain age, look into the mirror on a good day, and what we see leaves us frozen. The image before us is that of our mother’s. Perhaps because of that, the eternal conflict between mothers and daughters so closely resembles a struggle against our own reflection. But yes, for a mother, with all of her years of experience, with all of her maternal affection, with everything of herself that she sees in her daughter, playing the designated role often turns out to be an uphill battle.

And we leave things there for now.

Note: A lot of people have asked me why I’ve stopped doing the recaps, and it’s because I lost access to the episodes. If you enjoyed these recaps, you can check out some of my others. Thanks for reading!