las aparicio

Las Aparicio Recap Episodes 70-72


So, that went well…

Julia’s upset because she honestly believed that her mother was fine with everything. Pffft! Like it would be that easy.


Mariana and Armando try to calm her down and tell her that Rafaela will come around eventually. Julia doesn’t think so. After all, this gives her the perfect excuse to be melodramatic and have everyone’s undivided attention.

Back inside, Mercedes and Alma try to calm Rafaela down. They understand that Rafaela doesn’t get Julia’s new relationship but they think maybe Julia should figure out on her own whether or not she’s doing the right thing.


Rafaela: Julia thinks she’s the sun and that everyone orbits around her, please. All those uncertainties. She wants to be one thing and then she wants to be the other, and these are people. They’re going to crash.


Later on, Aurelia serves Rafaela some tea in the hopes that it will calm her down, but Rafaela is too upset. She can see Julia heading straight for a brick wall and she can’t do anything to stop her. She’s also worried about Mariana.

Rafaela: Aurelia, something terrible is going to happen.

Threesomes are the #1 cause of terrible things happening. If the world does end in 2012, we know who to blame.

But anyway, it’s Mariana’s night with Julia. Remember how Armando and Julia spent their evening together? Naked? In bed? Yeah…Well, Mariana and Julia do the lesbian version of that. They watch Woody Allen movies and eat ice cream.


But before that, they discuss how the day was horrible and terrible. Mariana says it felt like when her own mother turned her back on her. Julia says she finally understands what that feels like.

After the movies, they are in bed. Bored. BORED.


Julia: Seriously, such boredom, my God. What do we do?

Oh…I don’t know. Two women in love. Alone on a bed. I’m totally at a loss. Mariana, any ideas?

Mariana: I don’t know. We should play something.


Okay… that sounds promising…

Mariana: Let’s play the hand-slap game!

Dot dot dot.


Julia can’t concentrate on the game, though, because she can’t stop thinking about her mother. She’s sure that at that moment, Rafaela is busy writing her out of the will. Deep thoughts, there, Julia. Mariana tells her not to talk about Rafaela that way, and convinces her to go back to the game.