las aparicio

Las Aparicio Recap Episodes 70-72

Meanwhile, Julia gives Rafaela a quick lesson on the meaning of polyamory.

Julia: It’s a true thing from the heart and the spirit.


Rafaela: And Marianita accepted this?

Julia: Yes she did.

Rafaela has questions about how Mariana is taking it and how Armando is taking it and how they deal with things like jealousy. Maybe Rafaela should stop by one of Alma’s workshops. Julia doesn’t really want to get into all the details because they’re all still working on everything. She just wants Rafaela’s support.


Rafaela plays it cool and tells Julia that she’s got her love and support always.


But then she leaves Julia alone in the study and you can see that she’s actually rather upset by this whole thing.


Rafaela: Who are you, Julia? Who are you?

Maybe she’s a succubus. It would explain a lot.

Onwards, then, to the next episode, where we kick off with the most awkward dinner ever. Everyone’s sitting around in silence and Rafaela is just kind of glaring.

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Alma tries to ease the awkwardness by asking Armando how things in the soccer world are going. Armando goes into a monologue about how he hopes to train little kids and yadda yadda.

The awkward silence continues so Aurelia gives conversation a shot by asking Mariana how things are going with Hernan. She says they’re going well and then asks for some water.


At long last, Rafaela speaks. Her opening words are very encouraging.

Rafaela: Julia, this thing between the three of you isn’t going to work.


I’d say Rafaela is probably an Oracle and knows about these things.

Alma and Mercedes tell Rafaela not to talk about this now, but Rafaela is not one to listen to anyone. She tells Julia that she’s tired and she’s had it up to here with her uncertainties. She gets up to leave. Julia says that they’ll be the ones to leave and that she’s sorry if they offended her. Alma and Mercedes tell Julia not to leave. Mariana speaks up and tells Rafaela that they entered this decision of their own volition.


Rafaela: Yes. You, as adults, made this decision, but you were manipulated by Julia.

See? Succubus! Okay, maybe I’ve been watching too much Lost Girl. Still.

And then they all yell and scatter in different directions.