las aparicio

Las Aparicio Recap Episodes 70-72

Alas, Mariana doesn’t leave. Instead they just get really drunk and start working on the Share-an-Aparicio schedule. Armando wants the weekends.


Mariana doesn’t think that’s fair and they argue back and forth about who gets Saturday and who gets mornings and who gets nights and finally Julia yells at them to shut up because she can’t concentrate on whatever it is she’s writing down. Probably a letter to herself detailing the many ways she is special.


Armando suggests they flip a coin, because that’s how all matters of the heart and of girlfriend-sharing should be solved.

Mercifully, we’re whisked away from this madness and into the next day. Mariana and Julia are wrapping up some food they’ve prepared for the cafeteria at the Atelier. image

They’re running late but Julia tells Mariana not to worry because Armando’s on his way to help and he’ll carry everything to the car because that’s what men are good for.

Mariana: Hey, hey, hey. I don’t need a man.

Julia: It was a joke. Can’t you laugh? It’s funny.

Mariana: I am also very strong.

image image image image

Aaaaaand party’s over.

Julia tells Armando to help carry the food to the car and leaves him momentarily alone with Mariana. That’s long enough for him to say asinine things.

Armando: Hey, Mariana, you know that every time she kisses you you’re kissing me indirectly?

Thank you … for that. Anyway, it’s apparently Armando’s day with Julia so Mariana shouldn’t have been kissing her. Or something.

Then Hernan shows up and meets the infamous Armando.


Alone in her bedroom, Hernan asks Mariana if she decided to go with the threesome idea.

Mariana: You’re going to think I’m crazy.

Hernan: I’m not one to judge. In the war, there were always more men than women so we had to…

Mariana: Relax. It’s very different.

Hernan: I know… and I don’t understand it. Unless you’re bisexual, which I doubt.

Mariana: No.

Hernan tells her that as her father he just wants to protect her from everything, even though they both agree that she can take care of herself.