las aparicio

Las Aparicio Recap Episodes 61-63

Before we start, I’d suggest getting a drink (or two). Maybe, also, do a shot. Unless you’re under age, in which case you should get something non-alcoholic. Modern Family recommends salted chocolate milk and Rizzoli & Isles recommends salted coffee. Salt is the new sugar. Write that down.

Last time on the Julia Confundicio Show… Julia cheated on Mariana with Armando because she couldn’t help herself. As a result, we will now be treated to 40 or so episodes of … wait, let me not get ahead of myself here.

Let’s begin. Episode 61 opens with foreshadowing in the form of the Mexican TV series Julia is starring in. It’s a series within a series, the plot of which mirrors the life and times of its lead actress who is actually a character within another show. Are you following? It’s deep, you guys.


I know it’s hard to grasp the subtle nuances of this series, but something tells me that we will be treated to a threesome in the near future and that it will involve a curly-haired guy and two brunettes.


Okay, panic. A little. But stay with me. And keep a towel with you at all times.