las aparicio

Las Aparicio Recap Episodes 58-60

Later on, Hernan asks the girls what they were like growing up. Mariana tells him that she was an angel incarnate.


Julia calls her a liar and tells Hernan that Mariana was actually a little misbehaved brat, and also, that she liked to cheat in games. Mariana says she was just better at everything. They bicker back and forth and then Hernan tells them that he must run off.

Julia: So what was that you told me about him being sick or something?

Mariana: No, it’s just that sometimes I’m a little dense. And anyway I already spoke to him and he assured me that he’s perfectly healthy.

Then the phone rings, and for a moment I think it’s Armando calling to discuss the threesome fantasy he had, but it’s not him at all. Julia looks almost as happy as we all are that it’s not him for once.


It’s actually a work-related, happy-news kind of call. It turns out that they both got cast in that show they auditioned for last time! Yay!

Later on, Mariana and Julia arrive at the set, where they’re greeted by a lady who compliments Julia’s acting skills and tells her to go sign her contract.


The lady mistakes Mariana for Julia’s personal assistant, which is funny for about two seconds until we learn that there’s been a mistake in communication. Mariana was not cast. It was some other Mariana, the one with blue eyes. Damn.

Julia doesn’t want to take the part without Mariana but Mariana convinces her to do it anyway because that’s what supportive girlfriends do.


Julia: I was really excited about doing it together.

That’s what she said.

Mariana: There will be a lot of opportunities. Okay? Now go sign. I’ll go pick up the scripts because I’m your personal assistant.

And oh, look, they’re about to get all lovey-dovey and cute which means that Armando is probably going to–

Oh, yep, there he is.


This is called stalking, Armando.

Julia: What are you doing here?

Armando: Proving that I’m not worth anything.

He came all the way over there to tell them he’s emo. Thanks, Armando. Ever heard of a Facebook status update?


Blah blah his life sucks because he got kicked off the team and the WHOLE WORLD hates him and now he can’t even get a decent one-night stand with a chick he already err, made love to sweetly … in the past …and he turned his ex-girlfriend into a raving lesbian and a lot of other terrible things. Woe. Sad face.

The problem with this whole scene, aside from the fact that none of us care about Armando’s life, is that Julia does care. A lot.


Mariana tries to get out of this whole thing by saying she’s going to pick up Julia’s script but then Armando calls her back.

Armando: I want to apologize to both of you, okay? I’m screwed up and you don’t deserve this.


Well played, Armando. By the way, Dr. Evil is on line two. He wants his laser-beam sharks back.