las aparicio

Las Aparicio Recap Episodes 21-24


Rafaela seems to have warmed up to Leonardo a little, especially now that Alma broke up with him (in episode 20). I don’t think she trusts him, but she keeps seeking him out and is still interested in doing business with him. Maybe she’s bored. Maybe she’s intrigued by him. Maybe they just needed a reason to keep Leonardo around. Maybe all of the above.


Alma is a little emo now because she misses Leonardo but she can’t get back together with him because she can’t tell him about the male escort service. And Leonardo is emo because he misses Alma and has fallen totally in obsession with her and even playing board games with hookers does not alieviate his pain. Woe. He’s frustrated because he knows Alma is hiding something from him but he doesn’t know what it is. His guess is that she’s a prostitute. Ha! Please, sir, have you not met the woman? Lady Alma is nobody’s slore. She runs the place, yo. By the way, Leonardo doesn’t seem to mind too much that he’s actually hiding stuff from Alma, too. Such as, say, that he purposely sought her out because he wanted to know if she had anything to do with Maximo’s death, since, you know, Maximo was Leonardo’s mentor. But whatever. Men are above such things as conscience and guilt.

Alma’s only a little emo, though, because she’s also busy trying to solve other people’s problems. Some lady came to her Women Sexuality class (I still don’t know what exactly it is she teaches, but that sounds accurate enough, given the subject matter), and Alma decides the woman needs some help. So she’s been using Alejandro (male escort extraordinaire) to dig deep into the lady’s psyche. In the process they discover that the woman was molested by her uncle and also that Alejandro was molested as a child.

All in a day’s work for Alma Aparicio.


Ever since Claudio gave Mercedes the name of her dead husband’s mistress, Mercedes can think of nothing else. She debates incessantly over whether or not to call the woman, meet the woman, what to say to the woman, what the woman might look like, etc. This goes on for a couple of episodes, though eventually she does manage to track down the lady – whose name is Olga – and agree to meet up. Oh hai, awkwardness.

Leading up to the meetup, Mercedes (and her sisters) talk ad nauseum about what might happen during that meetup and what the lady might look like and what she’ll say to the lady, etc. Mercedes’ biggest nightmare is that Olga will turn out to be a 20-something wet t-shirt contest winning nymphomaniac Maxim-cover model (or something). As it turns out, Olga is like 30-40% less attractive than Mercedes and is actually a pretty groovy chick who is less anal retentive than Perfect Mercedes Aparicio. They have a nice chat and Mercedes finds out that her husband’s last words were, “If Mercedes finds out, she’ll kill me.” Fitting, I think.

Mercedes is growing closer to Claudio, who has pulled a Helena Peabody-esque personality change and is now a pretty groovy dude.

Julia/Mariana (and Armando)

Okay, so we’re not yet rid of Armando. Perhaps we will never be rid of Armando. Sadness.

Julia and Mariana made up (but not out, unfortunately), and have now joined an acting workshop that disturbs me to the core. But anyway, let’s first isolate the latest plot/conflict (because Armando’s sex addiction seems to have vanished into the void).