I’m back to blogging, but first, let’s talk TBSOL

Last time I wrote on my blog about TBSOL was back in November of 2015, and I said I wasn’t going to talk about TBSOL for a very long time.

Well, here we are, two years later, and I’m finally ready to talk about TBSOL again.

Today I scheduled “Chapter 17” of the new draft over on Patreon. Last week I finished what I’ve been thinking of as “Part I” of the book. There’s a lot left to write, but all of it feels doable in a way that hasn’t felt doable in a very long time. Mostly, the book feels fun again. It’s also (I think) a bit more ridiculous than FV. It has 100% more Nutella poetry, in any case.

I like to think of it as a mesh of v1, v2, and fv. Everything should feel familiar. Everything should feel different. I want you to know what happens next without knowing what happens next. Some things are/will be recycled, but almost everything else is brand new. The core characters remain the core characters, with a few changes. I’ve overhauled some secondary characters completely because of reasons (*cough*the sequel*cough*).

Speaking of the sequel, I’ll be revealing the working title to my patrons in December, to my newsletter subscribers after the new year, and to everyone else when I finish the rough draft of TBSOL and move it into beta.

My “deadline” for this draft of TBSOL is March 10, 2018. I don’t know that I will finish it by then, but my aim is to be close enough to the end at that point to determine a more accurate deadline.

In other words, TBSOL will be done when it’s done, but at least now when someone asks, “How is TBSOL going?” I can say, “Good!” and actually mean it, instead of wanting to fall to the ground and cry.

I’m asked a lot whether TBSOL will be shared outside Patreon, so here’s my current plan:

  • The rough draft is and will remain exclusive to Patreon. It’s my way of saying “thank you” for the support, while not feeling like the story is out in the wild as I work on it.
  • When the rough draft is finished and cleaned up a bit, I will move it into the beta stage, at which point, all patrons will have access to the whole book, and can unload all the feedback and commentary I’ve asked them to hold on to as I write it.
  • I will also open the beta to some non-patrons, starting with beta readers from FV who were actively participating in the beta process at the time, and are still interested in offering feedback.

I will repeat this process for the sequel. The rough draft will go up on Patreon as I work on it, and we’ll go from there. Cool? Cool.

Now that that’s out of the way…

I’m updating my blog to say that I’m planning to update my blog more often.  I’ve missed it. I’ve missed sharing things besides retweets or filtered photos. My blog’s a bit dusty, but at least it’s mine.

Point being: If you missed me rambling on about nothing, I’ll be doing more of that. Soon. Like later today, after I eat some tacos.