If it makes you happy…

The Midnight Sisterhood. Notebook #2.

I didn’t write today. I wrote yesterday, and I wrote the day before. But at 4am, I was like, “I think I need to remove this one character from that scene I wrote today…”  And then I was like, “Do I, though?” And then I wasn’t sure. So I spent the day staring at my news feed on Twitter, in a state of perpetual horror and shock, and then the day went poof.

So tomorrow. Tomorrow I will remove this one character from this one scene, and then finish it.

This draft of TBSOL is 100% about making myself happy. I have not, for one second wondered, “Is it good?” Whenever I’d give K things to read before, I’d always ask, “Is it good? Is it well written?” These were the things I was preoccupied with. With this draft, I hand her pages, and I’m just like, “Was it fun to read?” I can usually tell by how much she laughs. Making her laugh makes me happy, and making people happy has been the entire purpose of this book from version one, page one. So, onwards we go.

Today I scheduled Chapter 18 of TBSOL over on Patreon. Coming up next, that which is highlighted, and beyond…