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Happy New Year 2023

I thought I’d kick things off by doing the thing I said I was going to do months ago but never actually did: start blogging again. I’m very rusty at this rambling in public thing, so please bear with me while I find my footing. Or don’t. I’m not the boss of you.

First things first: Happy first day of the brand sparkling new year to the one or two spam bots still reading this blog, and also to you, lovely person who is not a spam bot, and who maybe wandered here by accident. Whatever brings you here: welcome, and may the incoming year bring you many fruitful blessings. And chocolatey blessings. Ooh, and pizza blessings.

May it bring you a bounty of your favorite edible and non-edible blessings.

The year 2023 is upon us and I still don’t have a flying car, nor a robot maid, nor a handy teleportation device in the house. Bit of a letdown, if I’m honest. I’m not sure how I feel about heading into this new year, but the nice thing about time is that it doesn’t really care about my thoughts and feelings. So, I’ve decided not to waste any more time than necessary attempting to project my thoughts across time and space. (That reminds me, I also don’t have a time machine).

My resolution for the year: remain present.

Big ask for someone who’s perpetually mired in anxiety. But that’s it. That’s my focus. The here and the now. No more. No less.

And while I remain present, I also intend to focus on the pursuit of productive boredom. I’ve come to realize that one of the biggest detriments to my creativity is the fact that I’m never, ever bored. There’s too many games to play, and things to watch, and things to read, and streams to scroll. I can’t remember the last time I checked in with myself, or took more than a couple of minutes to sit with my thoughts. So yes, I definitely need more boredom in my life. Mindful boredom. Intentional boredom. Boredom that yields creative output.

To that end, I’m planning to spend at least one hour a day away from anything technological. No phone, no e-reader, no PC, no tablet, no TV. Just me, and the grass growing outside my window. Maybe I’ll finally get around to meditating. Or learning to knit. Or bake those cookies I promised K I’d make her a year and a half ago.

That reminds me, we need to buy flour.

Siri, please remind me to buy flour. Oh, and chocolate chips.

Where were we? Ah yes. Abandoning technology. I’ll let you know how that goes.