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Welcome to august–notebooks, challenges, & being more social

Well, it’s August 1st – happy birthday if it’s your birthday! Today, I’m retiring another notebook, which is both sad and exciting. Mostly exciting, though, as it means I get to crack open a brand new notebook and start fresh. Yippee!

But first, we must say adios to my very first logbook. The project had its ups and downs, but as far as diaries go, it was relatively successful. I abandoned it for a year (2012), but came back to it a few months ago and managed – more or less – to keep daily track of my adventures.

Goodbye Logbook 2011/2013

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A Short Story – By You (And Others)


Do you recall, back in the day, I invited you (and others) to participate in a little project called A Sentence a Day wherein I instructed you (and others) to contribute one sentence per day to a growing document in GoogleDocs? If you don’t remember, here’s a little refresher. Anyhoo – the time has come, many months later, to reveal what became of this project.

I’m pleased to announced that this story became even more absurd than I ever dared hope. I hope you enjoy the cray-cray half as much as I have.

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And now I’m back (from outer space)


I just ate the most amazing chocolate muffin and it made me realize that I should probably update my blog.

If you follow me at all through the open streets of the Internet — with or without government issue binoculars and night vision goggles — you’ll have perhaps noticed that I’ve been quieter than usual. I received some concerned emails wondering if I’d been abducted by intergalactic spacegoats and well, that’s just silly because intergalactic spacegoat abductions are highly classified and I would never be allowed to admit to them in public spacegoats do not exist. The true reason for my absence is highly complex and revolves around time-travel diapers and a tiny human.

But I’m back now.

I had to push my deadline for TBSOL FV forward a few months because I underestimated how frustrating it is to write this novel and also because I hit some kind of strange depression in January that made me both uncreative and anti-social. This had nothing at all to do with the arrival of the tiny human, which actually helped to bring me out of my dark cloud of blahdoom and into … well, whatever this is now. Hooray for being an aunt!

Point being: I’m writing again.

Finishing TBSOL is my main priority and to celebrate the fact that the word count is moving again, I offered up a chance to join the beta team by voting for Faberry over at the E! Online poll over the weekend. Anyone who voted for Faberry during the final round (which ended Monday) will get an invite from me on Wednesday, February 22nd. So if you voted and wish to be a part of the TBSOL FV beta team, drop me an email between now and Wednesday and let me know you participated in the madness.

If you missed the opportunity, I tend to announce this sort of thing via my Facebook page and my mailing list, so if you want to keep up with news of beta team openings and things of that nature, please join up!

Aside from TBSOL, I’m also working on a new novel which for now I’ll refer to as the SS/YA (Secret Society/Young Adult) novel. It is still very much in the early stages of existence, but there’s several things I can reveal about it now that I’ve started writing it. I’ve changed several details since last I mentioned the story, so here’s the latest:

  • This will be book #1 in a series
  • I’ve planned out four books
  • Each book focuses on one of the main characters
  • Book 1 focuses on Sasha McKnight
  • The books are set in high school
  • They involve the beginnings of a secret LGBT club/society
  • The setting for this series is a fictional town on the east coast
  • All the main characters will be either gay or bisexual
  • Sasha is bisexual
  • Book #1 will also focus quite a bit on Lana Caszel (main character of book #4)
  • The first book will introduce two other main characters: Ainsley Parris (book #2) and Zoie Keeling (book #3)
  • I’d categorize this series as young adult comedy/romance
  • The series is set in the same universe as TBSOL

I’m not accepting beta readers for this yet, but when I do, openings will first be made available via my mailing list. So if you haven’t signed up and are interested in this series, that’s the place to be to be first in line for pretty much everything.

I’m still looking for a cool name for the secret society in this book, so if you’ve got suggestions, drop it in the comments or email me. If I end up choosing your suggestion, you’ll get an automatic invite to the beta team for the entire series.

And I think that’s I’ll I’ve got for now. I hope everyone is having a fantabulous day!


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In which I try to explain what the Sentence A Day story is about…

angry coffee

It’s a rainy day in Lyon and I’ve not gotten out of bed ALL DAY LONG, except for the times I got up to make coffee and breakfast and lunch and set up a posting queue for Randomness on a Post It on my main computer and then made more coffee and — *yawn* — goodness, excuse me. I am so sleepy. It’s that type of weather. I am curled up in my blankets, wearing my Angry Birds sweatshirt, and I’m not moving and no one can make me.

So remember when I mentioned I was behind on my writing schedule? Well, I fixed that! I made a NEW schedule. And now I’m AHEAD OF IT. Fuq da police.

Here are the keys to writing a novel:

  • Keep on keeping on.
  • Never give up, never surrender.
  • Coffee.
  • More coffee.
  • Words.
  • WORDS.
  • Chocolate.
  • Coffee.
  • Telling yourself you’re pretty.
  • Doodling.
  • Sending weird texts to friends.
  • Cackling madly. To yourself.
  • Rocking back and forth.
  • Making up songs about kitchen utensils.
  • Not listening to the voices that say, “You’re not good enough.”
  • Finger painting.
  • Oreos.
  • Goats.

There. Now you know all my trade secrets. VENTURE FORTH, YOUNG JEDI. WRITETH SOME STUFFETH.

While I’m on the subject of things and the writing of them, I’m going to try to explain the plot of the Sentence A Day story as far as I understand it.

A cursed young vampire encounters a cigar-smoking dragon, who tells him of his destiny to marry a bunny. Meanwhile, a mysterious woman named Plox, and her sidekick, Lolly-Cat, find themselves in a lesbian bar, searching for the hidden secrets of a pizza-shaped crystal.

It’s very complex and has many hidden layers of meaning.

You should partake in this crackfest if you haven’t already, and if you have, then you should continue to do so because I’m very interested to know what happens next between Lolly-Cat and the lesbian cowgirl robot, whose butt she just pinched. >> ADD YOUR SENTENCE. I mean, if you want to.

Have a lovely day, dear strangers on the Internets. May good things happen to you today, tomorrow and always.

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Dear you (yes you), you’re cordially invited…



… to write a totally random and potentially nonsensical story with me.

NaNoWriMo kicks off tomorrow, and I hope a lot of you are participating in some capacity, but if you’re not (and even if you are), I cordially invite you to partake in my month-long writing project: A Sentence A Day.

Starting tomorrow (midnight Paris time), I’m going to add one sentence to this Google Document. Just one sentence. I then invite you to add a sentence of your own. Any sentence you want.


1. Write ONE sentence.

2. Every day.

3. Or whenever you remember.

4. But hopefully every day.

5. It really doesn’t matter whether the sentence makes sense.

6. It really doesn’t matter if whatever is there already makes any sense.

7. Sense is overrated.

8. The point is to have fun.

9. The other point is to write every day.

10. Points are overrated.

By the end of this we’ll hopefully have something that resembles a bunch of paragraphs. Maybe it will even be interesting. Who knows? I don’t know. I’m excited, though.