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Bo/Lauren – Lost Girl “Food for Thought” 1.06 Recap


I just finished watching last night’s episode of Lost Girl and I feel compelled to recap the awesomenes because after what feels like a very, very long wait, we finally got a Lauren-centric episode. If you missed my Lost Girl intro post, have never watched the show, and don’t mind spoilers: read that first.

If you don’t feel like clicking, here’s pretty much all you need to know about the show:

A little background…

Bo is a bisexual succubus who belongs to a group of beings known as the Fae. She’s supposed to pick a side (dark or light) but she doesn’t like labels so she tells both sides to shove it. For now, they’re allowing her to remain un-decided, which actually grants her a lot of freedom in the Fae world.

With the help of her human sidekick, Kenzi, Bo starts a supernatural private investigation service which usually leads to a lot of crazy stuff. In her off-time, she starts a relationship with Dyson, a Light Fae werewolf, who knows more than he’s saying. She’s kind of in love with him and he’s in love with her but because he’s got this secret agenda that sort of revolves around who Bo really is, he’s been warned not to get emotionally involved with her. Too late. But he’s now pretending he just wants to be friends with her even though it breaks his furry little heart.

Bo doesn’t know anything about her past or even much about her present. She’s only just learned who the Fae are and because she’s not chosen sides, she’s kept very much in the dark. So the knowledge she acquires comes little by little as she investigates Fae-related crimes and falls a little deeper into their world.

Meanwhile, there’s Lauren, a (presumably lesbian?) human doctor working for the Light Fae. We don’t know how she came to work for the Fae, since the Fae don’t like humans much, but there she is. Lauren and Bo hit it off pretty much immediately and it’s clear there’s an attraction there. Unfortunately, Bo’s an untrained succubus so she’s got a bit of trouble getting sexual with humans without killing them. That puts a bit of a damper on their sexual relationship. So far, anyway.

At some point in the unseen space between one episode and the next, it would appear that Lauren has started training Bo to control her succubus powers. I’m not sure at what point this whole thing originated but let’s just go with it because it means good things.

So, that brings us to episode 1.06…

1.06 “Food for Thought” Recap

Bo’s in her bedroom trying to decide what to wear for a doctor’s appointment later that evening.


Kenzi: In a push-up bra and sexy boots at this hour? Newsflash: I don’t think they’re a real doctor.

Bo: Haha. It is with Lauren.

Kenzi: Of course it is…

Bo: And I’m taking a test tonight. What do you think of this one?


Kenzi suggests the dress isn’t low enough and that she should let her boobies breathe and then goes on to ask what kind of test Lauren is going to give Bo.

Kenzi: Like a sex test? She going to grade you on your luscious curves?

Bo: Actually, it’s pretty important. Sort of like a succubus mid-term. Lauren’s taking me out for a night on the town. She wants to know if I’ve learned full control in the real world yet.

Kenzi: What’s with the fashion panic?

Bo: Just… I want to look nice.

Kenzi: For the test or for Lauren? ‘Cause I’m sensing some date jitters and I know you like the ladies, so…

Bo: It is definitely, definitely not a date. I just freakin’ hate tests. I’m better with multiple orgasms than multiple choice.


Meanwhile, in an apartment across town, a lady is cooking up a yummy foot soup. Human foot, to be exact. And then wakes up in the middle of the night with a severe case of indigestion.


Hate it when that happens.

But back to the Bo and Lauren’s date. I mean, test.

Yeah, this test looks rough.


Lauren: I’m just saying that the beauty of your kind is how elegantly they’ve evolved. I mean, sometimes things that seem so fantastic are actually quite simple.

Bo: Did you just call me simple?


Lauren: You know what I mean.

Bo: I wouldn’t exactly call my ten-year killing spree ‘simple.’

Lauren: But we’re working on that! I mean you’re able to control yourself really well in the lab right now. So now it’s time for a test drive … in the real world.

They turn around and survey the bar and we discover, alongside Lauren, that one of Bo’s powers includes the ability to read people’s sexual attraction for one another. I don’t think it takes a succubus to see that Lauren wants to tear Bo’s clothes off.

image image image

Bo: I read energy flow.

Lauren: Like an aura?

Bo: Kind of. Like the more aroused someone is, the hotter they burn.


Lauren does funny things to my brain.

But anyhoo, Bo points out a couple at the other end of the bar and tells Lauren that the girl is way more interested than the guy. Lauren is amazed that she can tell all of that. This all leads to an obvious question.

Lauren: What about me? Right now?

Bo: What about keeping this professional?

Lauren: Well, call it scientific curiosity.


Bo: Okay. Well … you are definitely curious…


Bo: … I’m not so sure it’s entirely scientific…

Lauren: (laughing) We need another drink.

Bo: Yes we do!

image image image

Um. Er. Um. What were we talking about? Oh. Right.

So then they move things to a nearby couch…


Lauren: If I have one more lime, I won’t be able to feel my lips.

Bo: I like you like this. I love after-hours Lauren. You have to work on not being so in-control all the time.

Lauren: No! We’re here to work on you gaining control.

Bo: Okay, are you ready for this?

Lauren: Hit me.


Cue pleasure-inducing succubus touching.


It makes Lauren feel tingly all over.

image image

Bo: You feel that?

Lauren: Yeah…But focus on what you’re feeling…

Bo: Hungry.

image image

But Bo pulls away because she doesn’t trust herself not to kill Lauren. Lauren tells her that she’s ready and that she just needs to believe it too.


Bo: Some other time.

Lauren: Okay. We’ll keep working on it.

By all means…if you want to take entire episodes to “work on it” I’m all for it.

The next day, Bo and Kenzi are in Lauren’s lab and Kenzi is whining because she’s hungry and she wants to leave. She’s not a big fan of Lauren and doesn’t seem to trust her much. Bo asks Kenzi to give Lauren a chance.


Bo: She’s a lot more interesting than you think.

Kenzi: Yeah, only because you want to see her naked bits.

Kenzi asks Bo if she’s ever wondered what Lauren is getting out of helping her.


But then Lauren comes in, looking hurried. She says they’ll have to reschedule their appointment because she’s got official business outside of the lab. Bo asks what kind of business and Lauren answers by being vague.

Bo: C’mon. I thought we made progress last night.

image image

Lauren’s ability to resist Bo is somewhere in the negative numbers so she tells Bo she’s welcome to tag along.

Kenzi: What is it? Take a Fae to work day?

They both ignore Kenzi because they’re too busy staring at each other.


And it’s off to visit the foot-soup lady. As it turns out, she’s an Aswang, one of the oldest Fae orders. They eat diseased dead humans and it looks like her latest meal left her with a bad case of food poisoning.


Speaking of eating humans, Kenzi is still starving and still grumpy and she goes digging in the Aswang’s kitchen. Guess what she finds? The foot soup. It does look rather appetizing.


Don’t do it, Kenzi!


Ah, well.


So it turns out that it might have been something in the foot soup that left the Aswang sick, which is bad news for Kenzi. Well, doubly bad news. Diseased human foot is not at the top of anyone’s good eats list.


Kenzi: So not only does this “ass-wang” have a very unfortunate name, but she also eats dead people?

Bo is worried about Kenzi but Lauren says they’re not sure yet whether it was the foot soup that made the Aswang sick. And even if it is, human physiology is different than Fae’s so maybe Kenzi won’t get sick.

Lauren goes off to run some tests on the foot and she tells Bo to check out the funeral home where the Aswang gets her food. The lady at the funeral home is very cooperative, and tells Bo all sorts of helpful information, like whose foot it was and where the guy lived.

Kenzi and Bo go to the guy’s house and find it ransacked. Then they get attacked by a biker dude with a tattoo.


Bo kicks his ass and he runs off, but then we discover that Kenzi is sick.


Oh noes!

Bo rushes Kenzi over to Lauren’s lab.


The situation looks bad. Lauren isn’t sure how to cure whatever it is because she’s never seen it before, but the cause was definitely the foot. They’ll need to find the original source of the infection so Lauren can try to develop an antitoxin.

Bo runs off to the police station, where Dyson works, to see if he can help her track down the biker dude that was in the contaminated foot guy’s apartment. They manage to track him down and (thanks to a friendly interrogation) he tells them that a guy from a chemical lab paid him to clean up the guy’s apartment.


Back at Lauren’s lab, Bo convinces Lauren to go undercover with her at the lab to see if they can find the source of the infection. Since Lauren’s ability to refuse Bo is still in the negative numbers (and dropping) she agrees, despite the fact that this is way, way out of her comfort zone and her boss, the Leader of the Light Fae, has to approve everything she does.

And hey, she even has a plan that she whipped out of the nothing. Lauren may be human, but she’s still magical.

She’s going to pose as this chick:


A quality control inspector that’s flying in that afternoon. How convenient! They just need Dyson to detain her long enough for Bo and Lauren to break in, find the thing, and get out. As for Bo, Lauren tells her that the chief of operations at the lab is looking for an assistant (how convenient!) and that she’s sure Bo can convince him to take her on.

No problem.


Once they’ve both properly infiltrated the lab, they meet up inside the building. Bo wants to just bust some heads and get what they need, but Lauren is more the cautious, let’s-have-a-plan sort of person. So she tells Bo that at 7PM she’s going to create a diversion and then they can break in to the top secret sector where the thing they’re looking for is probably at. Lauren’s seen enough TV to know that the thing you’re looking for is usually in the one part of the building you don’t have clearance to. I like the certainty of this plan, given that they don’t even know what they’re looking for exactly.

But it’s best if we don’t think too deeply about the plot or we’ll fall through its bottomless holes. Let’s focus instead on the fact that Lauren and Bo are working together to save Kenzi’s life and Lauren’s all, “We’re going to do it my way” and Bo’s all, “Okay.” Bo must really trust Lauren to relinquish that much power.


At 7PM, Lauren creates a diversion. Bo had been charged with the mission of getting a voice recording of the director saying his name and also a key pass. She got both things in record time. Now it’s time to get into the Top Secret sector. Unfortunately, she encounters a guard. So she puts her charms to work.

Bo: I just love a man in uniform.


Guard: Honey, that makes two of us.

Bo: Oh, shit. Succubus it is.


Bo manages not to kill him, which is a huge high five moment. Only she probably could’ve kept going a little more because now he’s alive and pissed off and he’s got a gun.


It’s Lauren to the rescue!

image image

Bo: Look at you! Saving my ass!

Lauren: I know … it was incredible…


Lauren: He’ll be okay once it wears off. But I am officially out of my element. Let’s play it your way.

They rush off but then Lauren stops Bo and asks whether she did her succubus power thingie on the guy and she says she did.


High five!


Lauren’s very (VERY) excited by the news.

Lauren: You know what this means?

Yes, Lauren, it means you can finally get in Bo’s pants. But is this really the time and place?


Bo: It means I have a lot to thank you for. But first we’ve got to save Kenzi.

Once inside the super duper top security area, they find the source of the infection. Their search is made simple by the fact that there’s only one thing in the entire room.


And just what is inside the big ass tank? A basilisk.


Bo and Lauren work together to steal a skin sample from the basilisk. They end up triggering the building’s alarm and then the whole thing goes into security lockdown mode. But the episode is running out of minutes and we don’t really need details, so Bo and Lauren jump aboard the magic train of convenient editing and appear in Trick’s bar.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that while all of this was going on, Kenzi ran away from Lauren’s laboratory. Dyson found her and took her back to Trick’s bar where Trick traded this super rare dwarf-forged chain that he swore he would never ever trade for a tusk thing that would help Kenzi live long enough for Lauren and Bo to show up with the magic cure. Just go with it. I’m not sure why Trick would trade one of his most prized possessions just to save Kenzi’s life, given that they don’t know each other very well and Kenzi’s human, but whatever.

Anyway – POOF – Bo and Lauren manage to escape from the building and create the antitoxin from the basilisk skin and show up at Trick’s bar (how they knew Kenzi was there one can only guess) and administer the cure. All in the span of a second.

Most importantly though (because we were never really worried for Kenzi), Lauren’s changed into her leather jacket. And also, Bo’s hand is totally on her back.

image image

Lauren starts to leave and Bo runs after her.

Bo: Thank you. For uh … for everything.

image image

Lauren: I should be thanking you. It was really nice to get out of my shell for a while.

Bo: Lauren, listen, I–

Lauren: It’s okay. I know we’re not undercover anymore. This is the real world. I’m happy Kenzi’s going to be okay. I should go.

image image image

Later on, Trick, who’s randomly taken up the role of Kenzi’s adoptive father, brings her a burger and fries, while Bo and Dyson have a chat.


Dyson: Everything all good?

Bo: It’s great, actually. Kenzi’s on the mend, scored major points with The Ash for helping solve this, and my sex life is no longer on the critical list.

Dyson: Oh yeah? How so?

Bo: My training is working. I can probably have sex with humans now. No casualties.

Dyson: Well that’s a good thing. I guess we have the good doctor to thank for that. Is she going to be your first test subject?

Bo: Would that be a problem?

Dyson: What you do with other people is your business.

Bo: So you wouldn’t mind if I started seeing other people then? Hypothetically.

Dyson: Not at all.


Bo: Good to know.

It would seem to me that Bo/Dyson are meant to be the OTP of this show, but I’m really hoping they don’t do something idiotic with Bo/Lauren. It’s so nice to have maintext for a change and the chemistry between them is ridiculous. Also, Lauren is awesome. I hope she gets more screen time from now on.

Also, I’d love to see Kenzi and Lauren getting along at some point. I thought the fact that Lauren helped save her life would soften Kenzi up a bit, but we didn’t get to see any of that.

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