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A Real Blog Post For a Change

It feels like forever since I’ve blogged anything. What to write? What to write? Well. Let’s see.

I’m back from my month-long vacation and I had an amazing time. I think it’s the first time I’ve gone back home and actually felt like I was on vacation. There’s always been something before: Visa issues, financial issues, health issues, family emergencies … Always something.


This time felt like an actual vacation. We spent our first week in Key West with our friends Lyan and Julia and that was crazy fun. I’m still impressed that we managed to fit so much stuff into the days we spent there. Sunbathing and sea-side dinners and bar strolls and ghost tours and snorkeling and even a Rizzoli & Isles drinking party. Also Glee 3D, which I think was Lyan’s favorite part. There was a lot of drinking. There may or may not have been a clothing optional bar. And something about hot sauce. Some things are a bit fuzzy…



I’m kidding about the clothing optional bar.

Or am I?

The following week was spent recovering from the trip to Key West. The week after that we flew to Puerto Rico to spend a week with my grandma.

And then we headed back to Florida and took a road trip to Orlando with my mom. Got to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter where I drank way too much Butterbeer (it’s SO GOOD, you guys!) It tastes like a million calories.



The last day was spent at Sea World, which was more fun than I remember it being. We stayed all the way until closing time and I think we probably could’ve stayed a bit longer. But we managed to see everything that everyone wanted to see. At the end of the day, my mom and I posed with a fake polar bear (the real one was inside, sleeping).


And then, before we knew it, the month was over and it was back to France.

In the middle of all of this adventuring, I started thinking about my life and my goals and aspirations. So, after discussing it with K for a while, I came to a decision. A really terrifying decision. Well, it’s terrifying to me.

Currently, I’m trying to decide what is scarier: Doing something I’ve always wanted to do only to fail miserably, or living with the regret of not even trying. I don’t like to think of myself as a coward, so I want to believe that when the time comes, I will face my fears and go for it.

Going for it means I’ll be living in New York for a bit next year. But just typing that seems insane to me, so more on all of this when it feels more real.

In the meantime: Writing. And lots of it.

I missed you all.