Of Life & Randomness

A nice, mellow weekend

I wrote about 900 words of TBSOL this morning, and finished another scene.

Over lunch on Saturday, K talked to me about Microsoft Sharepoint and computer programming, and then I talked to her about the Vedic texts, the cyclical nature of time, the duration of kalpas, and the spiritual nature of souls. But then I remembered I’d forgotten to put in an order to the grocery store so we could go pick it up. In my haste, I accidentally scheduled the order for today (Monday) instead of for Saturday afternoon.

K made fun of me.

At the grocery store, I brought up the subject of thoughts, and wondered what form our thoughts would take in the absence of language, but we didn’t get too far into that discussion, because we got distracted trying to pick out some lettuce.

For dinner I made us BLAST sandwiches. The original plan had been tacos, but halfway through our outing we decided we were too hungry for anything that would take more than a few minutes to prepare. So I suggested BLTs. But, having found some fresh spinach, and the perfect avocado, I made us BLASTs instead. Bacon. Lettuce. Avocado. Spinach. Tomato. So good.

I then tried unsuccessfully to get K into Halt and Catch Fire, and switched us instead to a show I’d been interested to try: Imposters. K’s not a big TV watcher so trying to get her into shows is very hit or miss. But she loved Imposters, and so did I. So much so that we binge-watched all ten episodes of the first season in one sitting, and went to bed after 3AM. Con-artists and lesbians. What’s not to love?

Yesterday — Sunday — was a bit of a lazy day. We listened to my playlist of classical music for about an hour before, during, and after breakfast, and talked about music. There was a lot of reading, and some World of Warcraft, and some laundry, and some cooking, and I don’t even know what else. For dinner, I made tacos, and at some point much later we sat around talking, and snacking on Oreos and milk.

Overall, a nice, mellow weekend to kick off the month.

Today, there was writing in the morning, a break for lunch (leftover tacos), and then more writing. Then I played some WoW while listening to Mysterious Universe Plus+ podcast 17.08, which is about Nick Redfern’s The Slenderman Mysteries. I’m not done listening to it yet, because I got distracted, but I’ll go back to it soon.

Tonight: salad and a potato omelette for dinner, and most importantly: The Good Fight. 

“Remember that the world in which you live is a gigantic laboratory with people interacting with each other and affecting the whole. Each act of yours, everything you do, or say, or think, yes even every emotion you give way to has an impact on everyone else.”

— Joseph J. Weed, Wisdom of the Mystic Masters