Suspended from Twitter

Hi all! A heads up that Twitter has permanently suspended my account for “Violating our rules against evading permanent suspension,” which is weird because I’ve never gotten so much as a warning, let alone a suspension before, so I’m unsure what it is they think I’m evading.

I’m attempting to appeal the suspension, but haven’t heard back, yet. Just wanted to let those of you who follow me know, in case you were wondering what happened. My cat video retweets were too powerful. 😅

While I’m not super active on Facebook, any important news will be posted over there, so be sure to follow my page for info.

Creativity & Motivation

Returning to the blogging life

I’ve been trying to decide how to best approach this returning-to-the-blogging life thing, which is just another way of saying I’ve been procrastinating on the returning-to-the-blogging life thing. I’ve been asking myself uplifting questions like, “What’s the point?” and, “Does anyone care?” But all of that is just the fear talking and I hate letting the fear talk, so here I am.

I suppose the only way to return to the blogging life is just to return to it. Put the words down and then release them out into the world, like a breath. Or a fart.

Today, I wrote a scene between Julianne and Kris that may or may not wind up being the third scene in chapter two of Love in the Light (the sequel to TBSOL).

My daily writing sessions have shifted from “write whatever comes to me, even if it might never make it into the book” to following the actual structure of the outline I’ve given myself, which feels a tad bit more like progress.

I hate outlines, though. They’re so static and constraining. The corsets of creative writing. (She says, as a pantser).

I’ve been using index cards to keep track of all the scenes I’ve written so far because I’ve been on this analog kick lately. It makes the progress feel real and a bit more colorful.

Most of those scenes won’t get used, they’re there if I need them, which is nice. I’ve shared a bunch already with my patrons over the last few months.

All that said, I have no idea where this book is going to go, and if anyone figures it out before I do, please don’t tell me. I don’t want to get spoiled.

Before I go, let me answer the eternal question:

When will TBSOL be published?

“Soon” is the answer.

How soon?

I used to say it would be out before the end of the world, but that’s looking less and less likely, so perhaps shortly thereafter.

But we’ll all be dead!

Then that’s a lot less pressure on me.


Slightly Alive

blows the dust off the blog



tries to type through blurry eyes

Hello, world! Thought it was about time I brought this blog back from the dead. I’ve always wanted a zombie blog. Not a blog about zombies, mind you, but a blog that drags its feet and groans and grunts and wanders onto your lawn. A blog that’s only mostly dead. Mostly dead and slightly alive, persevering against the odds in pursuit of its One True Purpose: finding the six-fingered man.

I may have lost the metaphor a bit there, but you get me. Or you pretend you get me. Either works.

So, here it is, my blog, now only mostly dead. And who knows, with time, it may even become fully alive again. 👀

TL;DR: New content coming soon™