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What excites you today?

Randomness on a Post-It: Day 5 – What excites you?


I ask myself this question – or try to ask myself this question – every day right as I wake up. Most days the answer is the same: coffee. Other times, the answer is different: more sleep. Other things excite me, too, though. Daily projects excite me. Writing something new excites me.

Other things that I find exciting:
  • Saying “hey” to my K (though it’s usually more of a grumpy grunt because I’m not a morning person – even when “morning” is mid-afternoon)
  • Hearing from people – new and old
  • The unknown possibilities of any given day
  • Finding out what the world was up to while I was asleep
  • New episodes of my favorite TV shows
  • Replaying my new favorite songs
  • Getting back into a good book

But mostly coffee. Speaking of which – it’s time for that second cup.

What excites you today?