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[Updated] TBSOL v1/v2 Links & EPUB files


As I mentioned before, Midnight Island will be re-launched as the future hub of my Midnight Sisterhood LGBTQA young adult series, and so is currently offline (though it should be redirecting back here for now).

I realized this morning that in wiping, it broke a few links around this site. Most notably were the PDF downloads of  TBSOL v1 in both English and Spanish. I apologize if you tried to access those in the past couple of days and got an error, but they should be up and running again. I took the opportunity to create new PDF files with updated information.

I’m also getting around to converting TBSOL v1/v2 into .epub files, so you can download those if you want to have a copy of TBSOL that’s portable-friendly. I’ll make the Spanish translations available soon.

Here are the updated links for your downloading convenience:

The Blind Side of Love v2

English (version 2) : PDF | EPUB (right-click and save link as)

Español (versión 2) – traducido por Lorena Barrios: PDF

The Blind Side of Love v1

Original (English): PDF | EPUB (right click, save link as)

El Lado Ciego Del Amor (Español): PDF – traducido por Gixane