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This, That and the Other Thing

ImageI feel like life is going in fast-forward these days. It’s Thursday already? How did that happen? I keep thinking, Okay, next week I’ll get myself together. Next week I’ll get everything organized. Then next week comes and becomes this week and I’m still kind of scrambling around. I imagine this is a common thing. I used to think that all my anxieties and worries and problems were mine alone, and then I discovered the Internet and realized everyone’s more or less on the same boat, worrying – more or less – about the same things. Or just plain worrying.

Yesterday, I meant to post a recap of the Rizzoli & Isles pilot and I didn’t because my TV addiction – while fun – has taken away from my fiction writing and that’s a Bad Thing. So, I said to myself yesterday, “Self, today you will work on Rayne.” So I settled for just posting more of the subtexty twitter exchanges, which felt sort of like keeping to my posting schedule.

Except not really.

And then I worked on Rayne.

Well, first I posted this to the Rayne blog. Then I deleted everything I said I was going to delete. Whoosh! Bye-bye content. Hello empty Word file and mockingly expectant blinking cursor.

And then I wrote almost 1,000 words, which is not a lot, but it’s something which is far better than nothing. The best part of those near-1,000 words is that I did not hate them, which means someone, somewhere, may actually get to read them someday. Maybe.

Today, I wrote 627 words before realizing that I wasn’t actually sure how the rest of the scene should go. So I went to lay down and think only I ended up semi-falling asleep. Came back to the computer, stared at the latest blank space on the Word file and promptly gave up.

Tonight, there’s Master Chef on the TV, which helps to remind me that my French is still quite terrible when it comes to comprehending people on television. But it’s still fun to watch, even if I only understand about every other thing.

For dinner we ordered calzones, which may or may not be in celebration of Grey’s Anatomy‘s return which brings with it the return of Calzona. I am starving so I hope the food arrives soon.

And now that I’ve bored everyone, I’m off to watch some French TV.

How goes your day?