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This Post Is Brought to You By Too Much Caffeine and Too Little Sleep


30 Day Photo Challenge – Day 16


I’m currently super high on caffeine. Despite the fact that the magic of computing allows me to appear calm and collected—semi-normal, even—everything I’m typing looks to me like it’s written in squiggly lines.

A Self-Portrait of Me Right Now:


How I Got To This Point

After Coffee #1

Thoughts in my head: Wee! I’m awake! And the sun is shining! And it’s MORNING! I’m going to be so funny and clever today that THE ENTIRE WORLD IS GOING TO FOLLOW  ME ON TWITTER and FACEBOOK and I WILL WRITE ALL DAY LONG and it will ALL BE AWESOME and I will come up with 3000 BILLION THOUSAND IDEAS and every single one of them WILL CHANGE THE WORLD and I will emphasize RANDOM words in my HEAD because I’m so clever … I love myself… I am so pretty and magical …

What Actually Happened: *distracted by Tumblr* … *scroll* … *scroll* …

3 hours later …

Thoughts in my head: OMG! WHERE DID TIME GO? I’ve done nothing. I need more coffee…

After Coffee #2

Thoughts in my head: Woohoo! I’m gonna take 300 pictures of coffee next to notebooks! I’m so happy this is my life. I’ll wait until the lighting is JUST RIGHT and then I will take the most amazing pictures anyone has ever taken of coffee and notebooks together! Yay!

What Actually Happened:  *distracted by hilarious blogs on the Internet*

1 hour later …

Thoughts in my head: Am I ever going to do anything with my life? All I’ve done today is look at pictures of Naya Rivera and read blogs. I am such a loser. Why does anyone talk to me? I need more coffee.

After Coffee #3

Thoughts in my head: This is really good coffee!! I’m going to take pictures now!!!! Wee! Pictures! Oh, good morning, K! I love you!! It’s a gorgeous day! I’ve done nothing today! I’m so glad you love me anyway!! Yes, I’m fine!!! Why do you ask??? I seem a little hYpEr?! HEHEHE. I don’t know WhY. Hey, do you want CoFFee? I will make SOmE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After Coffee #4

Thoughts in my head: HEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! RAINBOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!!!!!! PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!! CHICKENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WEEEEEOOooOoOooooOOoooOOooOOooooo…..

Half an hour later…


So that’s been my day so far…

30 Day Questions Challenge – Day 16: Has anything really embarrassing ever happened to you?

Oh, you mean like my pants falling down in front of about 400 of my closest classmates? Sure. That’s happened to me. Or that time I wasn’t sure whether I was supposed to strip naked or not. Or like the first time I sat down to a formal meal with my in-laws and I was trying really hard not to do anything embarrassing like choke and die but then accidentally sent my knife flying across the dining room, narrowly missing the cat.

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that any time Ingrid is around K’s family she will do something extremely embarrassing … like get really drunk, stumble around/fall off the couch and vomit really loudly… or break down into uncontrollable sobs at the dinner table FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER… or you know. Stuff like that.

So to answer the question: yes.