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There is a point to this entry (but you need a microscope to see it)

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” -Maya Angelou

ImageThat quote has nothing at all to do with this entry – in fact, nothing has anything at all to do with this entry, except maybe unicorns – but I like sharing quotes. So there you go.

It’s after 4PM here in lovely Lyon and I am trying to get through my to-do list. This thing here that I’m doing now (some might call it ‘writing a blog post’ while others will think of it more as ‘rambling incoherently in public’) is item #2 (of 7) on my list. So, I’m off to a good start.

I find that I tend to do things in reverse order of importance, which is the opposite of what productivity books advice you to do. I still haven’t finished reading David Allen’s Getting Things Done … but it’s totally on my to-do list.

I think I’ve gotten something like 6 hours of sleep total the past couple of days, so I’m functioning purely on sugar and caffeine. I think this has led to an unintentional exercise in subjective objectivity.

Other stuff on my to-do list includes finishing the Rayne scene I’ve been working on. I am committed to sharing what I have so far with my beta group on Friday. And what I have so far is a barely coherent scene, a scene involving a butterfly-mouse, and another scene where I’m fairly certain I forgot the meaning of characterization. It’s going well. I find, though, that I work better with deadlines. So, we’ll see what I have come Friday.

In other news…

AfterEllen has asked me to write a monthly column covering the lesbisexual world of Spanish-language TV shows, movies, people etc. And I still don’t have a name for this column so I welcome suggestions, preferably by Friday. Gracias!

Speaking of which, if anyone knows of any shows in Spanish with lesbisexual content (besides Las Aparicio, Capadocia, Amar En Tiempos Revueltos, Para Vestir Santos, Hospital Central) currently airing or about to air somewhere in the world, please let me know, either by email or blog comment. I will love you forever in a platonic but fervent sort of way.

TV Talk: What’s up with these new shows?

I tried. Really I tried. I think the only new show I watched and truly enjoyed was Mike & Molly and I think it’s because Melissa McCarthy makes me happy in my soul. I got through seven minutes of Sh*t My Dad Says before accepting that it was far worse than I ever expected it to be (and I came into it with low expectations). Got through half of My Generation before realizing that the only reason I got that far is because I was reading Rizzoli & Isles fanfic at the same time. Did anyone really enjoy these shows? I welcome a different opinion.

I did get through The Event and I will probably watch it again, but I felt like it was trying too hard to be Lost and/or FastForward. And, mostly, it just made me really miss Janis Hawk.

Undercovers was okay. It’s like Mr. & Mrs. Smith meets Chuck but without Sarah Walker. I may or may not think to watch it again.

There are a few other new ones I haven’t watched yet, so maybe they’ll pleasantly surprise me.

Oh, wait, I actually really like Nikita and Hellcats. Hellcats, by the way, has some ridiculous subtext going on between the two main female leads. There’s supposed to be a lesbian somewhere in there but she’s kind of non-existent and really it’s all about Marti/Savannah. Seriously, I thought they were going to make out during their first exchange together.

Subtexty fanvid

Slim pickins in the Hellcats Marti/Savannah femslash front, but I really enjoyed this video:

Thankfully there’s returning shows…

The season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy was pretty good, I thought. You can’t go wrong with Callie/Arizona cuteness. Romantic blow dryers and all. I still need to see Bones and Chuck and 30 Rock and NCIS and Dexter and Desperate Housewives. But I watched How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory and The Middle and Cougar Town and Glee and Modern Family and 90210 and Parenthood and Life Unexpected and Survivor and Top Chef: Desserts (which I guess is technically a new show) and I think that’s it.

I can’t bring myself to watch Criminal Minds because CBS/TPTB broke my heart and now I’m angry-bitter and very, very MEH-GRR.

And now a random question for no reason whatsoever:

If you could have one wish granted right now, what would you wish for?