Of Life & Randomness

I’m not admitting anything, but it’s possible that…


….I may have too many notebooks. It started out with just the one and it was all fun and innocent at first. But then I kept buying more and more notebooks and I gave each one of them a purpose and before I knew it I had too many a lot.

Pictured above you’ll find the pile of notebooks on my desk at the moment. Plus the Kindle. Let me introduce you!

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Of Life & Randomness

In which I share a picture and answer more deep questions…


This morning, as I was cleaning the kitchen and preparing to make the day’s first fabulous cup of coffee, I accidentally sliced my finger open on a sharp corner. It didn’t really hurt that much. It just bled and bled and bled and K and I spent half an hour searching for band-aids and found none. So I wrapped my finger in a paper towel and went back to making coffee. I’m butch like that.

The annoying part of the finger-cutting incident is that it makes it painful to type. I’m gonna power through, though, because I’m hardcore.

Tomorrow is another Prefecture Day. One of the few days of the year when K and I drag ourselves over to the Prefecture to check on the status of my French stay permit. With luck, the card will be ready and I can take it home, and I don’t have to be back until February 2012. More likely, though, it will not be ready, and we’ll have to go back in three months.

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Of Life & Randomness

Logbooks, Talking Diaries, Zombies and Love (Did I Miss Anything?)


Yesterday I started a “logbook” which is really more of a “listbook,” which is really just a diary for lazy people.  I’ve tried to keep diaries over the years—I’d fill them with the usual: “Dear Diary, my feelings are so vast and pure and true and complicated and layered…I just don’t know what to do with them besides look at pretty Brittana pictures on Tumblr all day.

It’d all go well for a week, sometimes two, sometimes even a month, and then I’d forget all about it.  Then the guilt-feelings would set in. I’d look at the diary, knowing full well it had been months (years?) since I’d written anything down and think, “Well, maybe I’ll write something down today… just to check-in … just so it doesn’t feel abandoned.”

I’d scribble something apologetic like, “Sorry it’s been so long…” as if the diary has feelings.  Like it’s been sitting there the whole time saying to itself, “Why does Ingrid hate me? What did I do? Why do the other notebooks get all the attention? I wish she’d at least apologize. It’s not like I don’t see her sitting there, looking at Tumblr for hours. What a thoughtless b*tch.”

So even though it’s irrational, there they are, these, “Sorry it’s been so long…” entries that are usually really awkward and stilted like I’ve just ran into an old acquaintance and we’re trying to make small-talk, but really have nothing to say to one another.

Diaries are a lot of work is what I’m saying.

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Of Life & Randomness

In the beginning, there was nothing…

“God said, ‘Let there be light!’ And there was light. There was still nothing, but you could see it a whole lot better.” –Ellen DeGeneres

I love that quote.

In other news, I’m not in the greatest of moods today, so bear with me.

I was very happy to receive an e-mail from Rogue (@Lesbicanarias) today, inviting me to participate in the ‘Yo Lesbicanaria’ series. I am going to do some soul-searching later and meditate deeply about what to write about. Rogue said I could talk about anything, but I’m thinking it should be a topic that really showcases what I’m all about. It should answer the question, “Who is Ingrid?” once and for all. So, I’m thinking an article about chickens. Possibly galactic chickens. Captured by an evil overlord known only as Mr. Cow.

Or, you know, maybe something not about farm animals from outer space, but still relevant to me and who I am.

I welcome ideas/suggestions.

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