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I’m really enjoying what this “goat” is doing


I just had an awesome cup of coffee and now I’m really hyper – weeeeee! I was going to watch Freddy vs. Jason this morning at an embarrassing hour of the morning, but I ended up going to bed instead and reading random stuff on my iPad.

I read a few articles (check this one out if you like nyan cat), and a little fanfic (Faberry, if you must know), and finished reading one book, and skimmed my way through another (it wasn’t that good), and then I went back to—and almost finished—Ellen’s book, but I had to stop reading it because my hysterical laughter was shaking the bed and waking K up. And before I knew it it was noon or something. And then I fell asleep. And then I woke up. And here I am.

Now you’re all caught up.

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Of Life & Randomness

Awkward Hugs & Coffee (or All Topics Lead to Girls Kissing)


30 day photo challenge – day 10


Today I told K that if I were ever to go into business, I’d open up a café called “Hugs & Coffee.” You’d get coffee and then you could get a free hug to go with it. She said it would probably be awkward to get hugs from a stranger. So I agreed to change the name to “Awkward Hugs & Coffee.” I’d probably hire a big cuddly gay guy to give out the hugs. I’m totally thinking of Ivan from Being Erica. You know who I mean?

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Interpretive Dancing and Something About a Cross-dressing Dragon


30 Day PHoto Challenge—Day 9

My ability to focus today is lingering somewhere in the negative numbers, so I expect this post to be a little bit … country. No, not country. Not really rock & roll either. I’m not really sure what this post is going to be. But I hope it mutates into something cool, like a cross-dressing dragon. I really want chocolate. And a dragon. I want a dragon to bring me chocolate.

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Unicorns, magic, and my coffee-making secret…



So, as it turns out, there was more stuff inside that package Lish sent me! I was so excited with the Canned Unicorn Meat that I totally missed the Freakin’ Magical Unicorn Gum. It’s freakin’ magical! Thanks, Lish!

Before I forget, I have a question for all of you fellow Pretty Little Liars fans, because I’m not sure where popular consensus falls on this important matter:

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Drawings & Projects

And so it begins…30 Day Challenge Part 2

I am a day late with the daily challenge. I know.  Here’s why: Yesterday I felt incredibly crappy. And you know the only thing worse than feeling crappy on your anniversary? Your girlfriend also feeling crappy. At least there was solidarity. Damn the zombie plague.

Today is a new day, though. The sun is shining and I’ve got coffee. You know what that means? It means I’m kicking off these 30 days of photos by taking a photo of my coffee. You knew this was coming, right? Some people take pictures of their dogs or their cats or their babies … I take pictures of my coffee.

30 Day Coffee Photo Challenge—Day 1


It’s so cute. LOOK AT IT. Also? Delicious. Mmmm!

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Of Life & Randomness

Adventures in coffee-shopping

photo (13)Yesterday the apartment was in a State of Emergency because we ran out of coffee. Inconceivable! So, out we went into the wilds of Lyon to rectify the situation. I had to have coffee. And it couldn’t be just any coffee, either, but my coffee, which is only sold by one grocery chain. The one nearest to our apartment doesn’t carry it (jerks). So we had to go elsewhere.

There was a little bit of getting lost along the way, mainly because they kept closing off roads, but we made it eventually. And the important thing? We found my coffee.

I proceeded to grab every single bag they had (see: our grocery cart, pictured right), which made people look at me funny.

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