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Supergirl 2.08: Sanvers Recap


So, I went into this episode thinking that Maggie might not even be in it, and pretty much resigned to having little to no Sanvers interaction. But boy was I wrong about that.

a very danvers thanksgiving


It’s Thanksgiving on Hope Street, and Mama Danvers is there to help Kara cook dinner.

James and Winn are pretending to watch football, like the manly men they are, while discussing how to best come out as Guardian. Their subtlety level is non-existent, so I’m not sure how it is that Kara doesn’t hear them.

Alex hears them loud and clear, though, and she’s having none of it.


Drunken Confessions at Thanksgiving are her thing, and no way is she letting their vigilante nonsense steal her rainbow-patterned spotlight. She’s got a super awkward coming out speech all prepared, and all the alcohol in National City to help her get through it.

Just as soon as she steals it back from Kara.

2016-12-01_143039 2016-12-01_143541 2016-12-01_144002 2016-12-01_144013


Kara: So, it is a Danvers family tradition that before the meal we go around and we say what we’re thankful for. So, whoever wants to go first…


Everyone wants to go first, but James wins out because reasons, and Alex is like, “Oh no you don’t,” when it looks like he’s about to work the big Guardian announcement into his speech. He finally gets the message, and sits back down.

2016-12-01_145135 2016-12-01_144926

Mon-El then takes his spin on the Kiss Up to Kara merry-go-round, and Alex has had just about enough of all these dudes interrupting her speech.

By this point, we’re all like, “Oh, baby, no. Don’t do it.”


Alex: I’m just going to jump in and say there’s so many things that I’m thankful for and honestly I don’t think that I’ve ever really felt this much like myself than right now, and so there’s a reason for that, and that reason… well, that reason.. is …

2016-12-01_145702 2016-12-01_145720

Thankfully, The Flash hears our collective gay prayers for someone to save this awkward gay child from herself, and a portal opens up above the dining table.


It’s probably a good thing that it doesn’t work the first time around or Barry and Cisco would’ve landed on top of the turkey.

coming out, take two

A deadly virus is killing the aliens in National City, and Mon-El is infected. Alex enlists Dr. Mama Danvers to help find a cure.

Eliza takes the opportunity to ask Alex what it is she’s been trying to tell her, but Alex is like, “Oh, I’m not drunk enough for this conversation.”

2016-12-01_154130 2016-12-01_154321

Eliza: Does it … have anything to do with Maggie? You talk about her a lot.


Hahaha. Oh, Alex.

Eliza has clearly added Lesbidar 2016 to her Mother’s Intuition package, the features for which include decoding of seemingly casual commentary, and automatic pattern recognition. The name ‘Maggie’ has been mentioned so many times that it has triggered the ‘Your Daughter Is Gay’ notification system.

So, Eliza knows, but Alex is still in ‘I’m expected to be perfect’ mode, and fears that being gay won’t fit her mother’s criteria.


Alex: I feel like I’m letting you down somehow.

Eliza: Why would your being gay ever let me down?

Alex: You always wanted me to have a regular life.

Eliza’s basically like, “Alex, your sister’s an alien who cooks food with her eyes. A portal to a different dimension interrupted Thanksgiving. You work for a secret government organization that hunts extraterrestrials. And we’re currently trying to stop a deadly virus from eradicating all alien life. You can’t possibly think that you being gay is the thing that would make me go, ‘Unacceptable! How will Kara ever explain that to her children?'”


Well, when you put it that way.

Eliza: You were always going to be different, Alex, because you were always exceptional, and I love you however you are.



I can’t wait for Eliza to join PFLAG.

party at L Corp

Over in plotsville, we learn that in order for Lillian Luthor to spread the alien-killing virus to the general population of National City, she needs an isotope made exclusively by her daughter’s company.


Alex calls up Maggie and is like, “Get yourself and everyone you know over to L Corp now. And PS: Wear a bulletproof vest.”

David Harewood in the role of Hank Henshaw in the role of Cyborg Superman has been tasked with the mission of breaking in and stealing the dispersion agent. We can also assume he gets bonus points for any gays he takes down in the process.

And, look, I’m not saying Lena Luthor is gay, but lesbihonest. Also, she literally named her company L Corp, and she’s about to get hit in the face by a giant L, in what I can only interpret as symbolism.


Thankfully, Supergirl is there to save the gay day.


But then another wild lesbian appears.


And I think I have isolated the problem of why we keep losing our lesbians. Maggie walks in wearing a bulletproof vest, which is progress, yay, but it’s not enough. Look how the dude next to her is dressed. He is basically cocooned in protective gear.

We’re going to have to up our defensive game is what I’m saying. Head-to-toe Kevlar. Maybe walk around inside a cage made of bulletproof glass.

Anyway, there’s about three billion bullets flying around, and that should make all of us nervous. On the plus side, the bullets are flying away from Maggie, and not towards her, but it’s all fairly pointless because Cyborg Superman is immune.

Also, it’s only the middle of the episode, which means Supergirl hasn’t acquired her near-end-of-episode super strength and is currently getting her ass kicked.

Thankfully, Barry and Cisco’s impeccable timing comes to the rescue once again, giving Supergirl a chance to leg-swipe C.S. and knock him down.


This makes Cyborg Superman really cranky, and he searches the perimeter for the nearest available lesbian target.

2016-12-02_041732 2016-12-02_042003

Lesbian down!

Cyborg Superman makes a run for it, while Supergirl mirrors all of us in her panic.


And here we have my second favorite moment of the episode. I’m pretty sure if Hank had hit almost anyone else, Kara would’ve yelled for someone to call an ambulance and then chased after him. But this is Maggie.

Kara doesn’t know Maggie very well, and the last time they saw each other, Kara practically eye beamed her herself, so this is not about Maggie. This is not even about Supergirl being a good hero. This is about Alex, because what Kara does know about Maggie is how much Alex cares about her, which means that nothing is more important in that moment than making sure Maggie is okay.

Supergirl: Maggie!


Maggie: Just get the bastard.

Ever the good cop.

So, listen, I’m totally here for Kara and Maggie becoming the bestest of bros. I need it to happen. I want Maggie being over-protective of Kara, and Kara being over-protective of Maggie because they both know how much the other means to Alex. But I also just really just want them to become close friends and tease each other relentlessly and gang up on Alex. Give it to me.

oh, hello


I can only assume that Kara picked Maggie up and delivered her directly to Alex because here we are at the DEO in what I can only describe as a fanfiction scene brought to life.

It’s interesting how every time Maggie gets injured she gets treated at the DEO. I highly doubt any other cop in National City gets top secret government agency levels of medical care. Of course, no other cop in National City has Alex Danvers as a close personal … bud.


Alex: Sorry. You okay?

Maggie: Oh, I’m okay. Just a little nervous you’re not very good at this.

Flirt more, I dare you.

I’m pretty sure Maggie is nervous, but I’m also pretty sure it has nothing to do with her doubts about Alex’s medical skills, and everything to do with being topless while Alex tends to her wound. Teasing Alex is a good way to hide how much she’s loving all of this, but also how much this whole “let’s just be friends” thing isn’t working out for her at all.

Alex: Oh, wow. Clearly the drugs have kicked in because you … are … done.

Maggie: Thank you.

Alex: No, thank you.

Maggie asks what for, and Alex goes on to tell Maggie about how she told her mom. And this is funny because Alex didn’t tell her mom at all. Her mother guessed. But she can’t be like, “Oh, well she already knew because I talk about you so much that her lesbidar alarm went off.” So let’s just pretend she told her.


Alex: You know, when you first suggested that I was gay, I uh… well, I denied it. And then I thought that it was just about you — I mean, how would I not like you?

May we all be as brave, and give as few fucks as Alex Danvers does about letting a girl know that she likes her. (Also, yay for Alex  saying the word).

Alex: But you know, deep down, I think I still — I wasn’t comfortable that that was my new normal. But it is my new normal. And I’m happy that it is because, um, I uh, I don’t know, I finally — I get me. And now I realize that it wasn’t about you, it’s about me living my life. So, thank you.


Maggie: Any time.

2016-12-02_073025 2016-12-02_073100

omg it’s happening. everybody stay calm


Later on, after Lena Luthor single-handedly saves the entire alien population of National City, Alex is at home, drinking.

Exactly zero of us were expecting this scene to exist, but here it is. Existing.

*knock* *knock*

Please be Maggie. Please be Maggie…


Alex is in her pajamas, and she casually grabs a gun from behind some couch cushions because it’s late and Kara usually uses the window.


Please be Maggie. Please be Maggie…


It’s Maggie!

(This picture is still my desktop wallpaper, and it’s staying there until January because it makes me giggle all day long).

So, Maggie’s there.

With pizza.

And beer.

And we’ve officially entered fanfic fantasy land.


Maggie: Hey. Hungry?


Alex: Yes. Come in, please. Ignore the pajamas…


I love Alex’s, “Oh, great, Maggie’s here, and I’m in my stupid pajamas,” look.

Maggie: Oh, no, they’re cute.

2016-12-02_075710 2016-12-02_080034

But I love even more how happy Alex is that Maggie thinks her pajamas are cute.

Alex: It’s late. You got a case or something? Oh, God, I could really use a good old-fashioned murder right now.

But Maggie isn’t there to talk about work. She’s there to pace and fidget and make us all hold our collective breaths because where is this going? Is it happening? Please be happening.


Maggie: I really needed to see you, and talk to you…

And Alex is like, “Oh God, now what?”


Alex: Is everything okay?

Maggie: Well, here’s the thing… I almost died.


Alex: Uh, yeah, no. I would not have let that happen.

My favorite thing is how serious and super-confident Alex is about that. Alex may be an awkward gay nerd around pretty girls, but she’s also a highly-trained, biomedical engineering genius, and how dare Maggie suggest that she would ever let anything happen to her?

If there’s one thing we know about Alex Danvers, it’s that she’ll do anything to protect the people she loves.

Maggie’s like, “No, I know that,” because she didn’t mean to insult Alex’s many skills, but also because she doesn’t yet know that Alex would move Heaven and Earth to keep her safe. And also because this is not about that. It’s about Maggie coming face-to-face with her own mortality, and realizing that she has to start wearing head-to-toe Kevlar if she wants to live long enough to marry Alex Danvers one day.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure Maggie rehearsed every single part of this speech on her way to pick up the pizza, and probably did a run-through with the cashier at the liquor store, but she’s still struggling to get all the words out.

2016-12-02_082823 2016-12-02_083615

Maggie: But, um, it got me thinking that I … I was so stupid. I–I thought that, and I guess I was kind of right that you came out for me…and that scared me…


And now Alex is like, “Oh, crap. We’re back to this.” And she really has no idea where this is going because she’s pretty sure they already talked about all this, and they agreed to be friends, and Alex has been doing her best with that, and she thought it was going fine, but maybe not? Maybe Maggie found out that Alex talks about her so much that it outed her to her mother? Maybe Maggie can’t do this friendship thing anymore, and she’s about to tell Alex they need to stop hanging out.


Maggie: … But…um… life is too short… and we should be who we are…


Maggie: …and we should kiss the girls that we want to kiss. And I really just–


Maggie: I want to kiss you… I just–

2016-12-02_084937 2016-12-02_085205

Listen, Alex was expecting this kiss about as much as we were expecting this scene, which is to say not at all. She’s just standing there with her hands crossed over her chest, waiting for Maggie to crush her heart again, because that’s been the pattern thus far.

But not this time.

This time Maggie’s dropping hints like maybe she likes her.

2016-12-02_091042 2016-12-02_091123 2016-12-02_091211

Alex: So you’re saying you like me … that’s what I got.


Maggie: Of course. You’re not gonna go crazy on me, are you?

Alex: Probably. Yeah.

2016-12-02_091502 2016-12-02_091609 2016-12-02_091538

And what is there to say, really? That was perfection.

I’m not even mad that we don’t get the highly-anticipated slow-burn because there’s still a lot of story to develop there. And it’s pretty nice getting to go into a seven-week hiatus on such a high note. We don’t usually get that. Ever.

My hope is that the show continues to showcase Alex and Maggie, and doesn’t just relegate their relationship to the background. I suppose that’s why most of us were hoping for slow-burn. But mostly, I hope we get to learn more about Maggie Sawyer as a character. Dating Alex should give Maggie an express pass into the inner circle, but Maggie’s the only one who doesn’t know that Kara is Supergirl, so I’m curious to see how they handle that.

It’s entirely possible that we’ll return to the show in January to find that Maggie’s already a part of the group, and already knows about Kara, and they’re already out as couple to everyone.

Or maybe it’ll be something they drag out.

All I know for sure is that Maggie Sawyer got shot, and lived to kiss the girl, and in a year of endless disappointment, that feels like a victory.