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Step Into My Notebooks Or My Brain? Maybe Both (Q&A/Photos)

Q. U seem to have a lot of notebooks. What kinda stuff do u write in them? Can we see?

A. MY DEEP DARK SECRETS. Err. I’ve gone through this, haven’t I? Randomly? I feel like I have. Well, that’s okay. My notebooks are filled with wondrous things. Mostly Rayne/TBSOL/YA novel-related. And sometimes I just scribble really random things that I later look at and go “Whut?” And sometimes my random scribbles turn into blog posts. But sure, I’ll take some pictures for you, nosy person. I mean…curious and loyal reader.

The Random

DSC00900 DSC01003 DSC00911 DSC00948 DSC00960 DSC00961


DSC00956 DSC00966 DSC00994 DSC00964

YA Novel (Untitled)

DSC00972 DSC00975 DSC00999 DSC01001 DSC00996


DSC00982 DSC00985

The WTF?