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Some thoughts on life, Pinterest and Lost Girl (not at the same time)


For my birthday, I wanted to write a list of 33 things I’ve learned in 33 years, because 33 seems like an age that would grant access to a bottomless well of wisdom and knowledge (it doesn’t). I could probably come up with 33 things off the top of my head, like “you shouldn’t get attached to anything on the internet,” or “being kind might get your heart stomped on, but odds are you’ll regret it less than being cruel.”  I could make a list like that, but I think I’ll wait until I turn 40. Certainly then I’ll be wise and all-knowing, or at least think that I am.

some thoughts on social media

I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago that I think I deleted for some reason, in which I said I didn’t “get” Pinterest. Well, joke’s on me because now I’m pinning like nobody’s business.

I know I’m getting old because my knee-jerk reaction to anything new on the web is, “Ugh. I don’t need that. It’s stupid. Blerghshs.” Then I spend a very long time scoffing at the silliness of it all. And then, eventually, I succumb. I have succumbed, both to Pinterest and Google+. Well, re-succumbed to G+, I should say.

Once I realized I could use Pinterest as a way to visually organize some of my content, it became far more useful. I’m still kind of “meh” about G+, only because it often feels like I’m talking to myself in an empty room. Still, I think any writer or content creator on the web will benefit from a presence on Google+. I read an interesting article on the subject the other day, which I think fellow writers will find informative.

some thoughts in list-form

  • Yesterday was a good writing day (997 words, to be exact), and I’m optimistic about today.
  • I’m all caught up on Breaking Bad, a show I feel is full of life-lessons. The main thing:


But I learned other things, as well. Like, selling drugs is bad. Lying is also bad. However, if you have to lie and sell drugs, then having a brother-in-law in the DEA is an advantage (until it’s not). It also helps if you’re the main character of the TV show, because no matter how dire the circumstance, you’re going to find a way out of it. At least until the series finale – then anything goes.

  • Has anyone seen The Gay Bed & Breakfast of Terror? You should, if you haven’t. I love it in an, “I know it’s terrible, but it made me laugh a lot,” kind of way. And I know you’ll hate me for recommending it, but by then it will be too late. MUAHAHAHAHA…*ahem*
  • I also have a lot of feelings about Bo and Tamsin on Lost Girl, even though I will always be Team Lauren. I believe it’s because we’re not used to seeing a love triangle between women. And now here we have one where all of the women are strong and independent and kick-ass and main characters and it’s hard not to cheer for all of them at once. When does that happen? Never. Obviously, not everyone is Team Valkubus, and I know this has caused some tension in the fandom, but I think we should be rejoicing over the fact that it is happening at all. The Bo/Dyson, Bo/Lauren thing was to be expected. It’s like a bisexual on TV must be torn between a guy and a girl. I fully expected Tamsin to be a love interest/distraction for Dyson this season. But Bo/Tamsin? I did not see that coming. Unexpected, and awesome. That kiss. That kiss.



Probably none of this will end well.

  • Time for more coffee
  • and then
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