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Rizzoli & Isles

Rizzoli & Isles 5-minute Twitter Scene #6

Happy Tuesday, buy my fellow Rizzoli & Isles fans. It’s time for a rerun of last night’s 5-minute deleted scene. Starring, allergist as always, @JaneRizzoli and @MauraIsles.




Yay trivia contest! Check out the rules if you’re interested in participating next Monday night.

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  • Sara

    Thanks, Ingrid! Once again =)

    Jane’s sentence about having two problems (that were actually only one) was funny. I say something similar in Spanish, although it’s the other way round: “Tengo un sueño/hambre tan grande que parecen dos.”

    Ingrid, have you ever spoken Spanglish? I thought you might have, especially because you come from Puerto Rico. I find that topic fascinating!

  • uhm exciting… yaaay!! *sarcasm*

    although it is exciting, i really would prefer some damn new chapters of a damn new season. yeah, i know… “language, manu!”

    *resigned sigh*

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