Rizzoli & Isles

Rizzoli & Isles 2.02 “Living Proof” Subtexty Recap

I’m sure this is meant to be dramatic but it’s actually funny because the nurse is played by Ever Carradine who played Heather Donnelly in Women’s Murder Club which starred Angie Harmon. So, mostly, I just giggled any time she was on screen.


But back to the “plot.” Maura gets all Mama Bear protective while tossing out some random exposition for the benefit of those who have no idea what happened in this episode. Like me.

In this game of rock, paper, scissors, gun trumps scalpel and once Jane manages to free herself of the baby, she whips out her gun and puts an end to this silly storyline.


We’re then whisked away to the spa from the beginning of the episode, where Maura and Jane have switched roles. Now Jane is enjoying herself in the Utah dirt and Maura’s busy pondering why Jane didn’t get in the tub with her.


Jane is thinking about Mama Bear!Maura and how hot and sexy it was that she got all rawr-protective.

Jane: I just never saw you as the maternal type.

Maura:  You didn’t? I’ve always seen you as the maternal type.

Yes, we know, Maura. This whole episode was about you picturing the two of you raising a family together.

Jane’s like, “Wait, what? You lie!” Maura doesn’t lie, Jane. Except when she lies. Maura laughs and says that yes, she was lying, because revealing all her future plans would probably freak Jane out a little.


That doesn’t stop her from trying to hint, though. She goes on to express how wonderful it is when a woman can love a child as her own even when he’s not biologically her own, which … just. Jane is oblivious. Besides, isn’t it too early for the two of you to adopt a kid? Stop being such a lesbian, Maura.

Jane then shushes Maura because she’s trying to enjoy whatever fantasies are playing around in her head. I imagine they involve Maura and handcuffs and a bed.

Maura: I’m sorry, did you just shush me?

Jane: Yes! Shh. Where is my lemon water?

Maura: Why do you get to keep on talking?

Jane: Lemon water, please.

And then Maura flings some clay at Jane.




Mud fight!

Wait, wait… why are the credits rolling now?? Nooo. Go back to the mud fight! It always starts with flinging mud and then moves on to mud wrestling and then …

Such teases.