Rizzoli & Isles

Rizzoli & Isles 2.01 “We Don’t Need Another Hero” Subtexty Recap (2/2)

It’s time for Maura to touch Jane for no particular reason.

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Maura: I wish I knew what was causing that pain.

…I don’t even know what subtext is here.

Jane responds sarcastically, saying it was probably the bullet. And then Maura’s attempts to seduce Jane in her lab get interrupted by some guys rolling in the dead body.

Oh. Right. There’s like a crime or something happening.

Abby’s been badly burned and Jane can’t bear to look at her so she runs off before Maura opens the body bag.

In Maura’s newly decorated office (Thanks again, TNT!), Jane rubs her scar and laments her inability to be stronger. Maura walks in and rubs Jane’s back.


Jane is worried she may never go back to being the badass she was before. Maura seems less concerned with that and more concerned with fixing whatever is causing Jane’s pain. Jane then gets distracted by how uncomfortable Maura’s expensive furniture is.

Jane: Did tax payers pay for this?!

Maura: Of course not!

TNT did. TNT knows lesbians like to sit in the warm embrace of a woman’s hand. Or… whatever Jane said that chair felt like.

Maura’s theory is that whatever is causing Jane’s pain is likely psychological. She wants to help. How can she help?

Jane: Get me upstairs.

Wait. What?

Oh, upstairs to her office. Right. Upstairs in her office, Jane begs her boss to let her hang around – unpaid – and help with the case. We learn that Korzak’s been promoted to Sergeant. And then there’s a lot of plot-talk. And then Lt. Col. McBeard is back because we probably got too gay again.


Jane’s theory on the bomb thing is that it could’ve been a military dude behind it all. McBeard is like, “No! It’s not military cause I’m military and that would like totally ruin my day, okay? So let’s look at everyone else as a suspect. Anyone not military. I have a lot of feelings about this.” Jane’s like, “Calm  yo’ tits, woman! You’re getting too emotional. We have to be rational about this.”

There’s some blah blah blah. Forensics-talk. Blah blah blah. Then Maura flags Jane over to talk about some foreign object in Abby’s shoulder.


Jane, Korzak and McBeard go on to interview the guys from Abby’s platoon. We relive some happy memories from the moment Abby pwned some bad guys.


Bottom line: She was a damn fine soldier.